Sunday, November 25, 2007

APDM to boycott elections

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- A major opposition alliance in Pakistan Saturday decided it would boycott parliamentary elections if the constitution and sacked judges were not restored in four days.
At a meeting held here on Saturday, the All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM) also demanded withdrawal of the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) and restrictions on media in four days, according to the private NNI news agency.

(We welcome this decision by the APDM. One hopes the PPP and other parties will follow suit. These sham elections cannot be legitimized by participating in them. We encourage everyone to contact leaders from the political parties (especially the PPP) and relay to them this concern.)

the tide continues to turn..


altaf said...

Did the APDM actually announce that they would boycott if the judges were not restored? has the following:

"Is APDM pulling a “Fazlu” a-la-resignations?

Members of APDM says, they will boycott elections “in principle” and give Mush 4 days to lift Emergency/PCO.

Let’s see if they announce it tomorrow (25th). This will take them to (29th).

Mush is going to probably give up uniform on 29th anyway as he has to take oath before December 1 i.e. 30th and surely since he wants to be a “legit” “President”, he won’t take the oath under emergency meaning emergency will be lifted 29th anyways.

And there you have it.

Above all,

– Mush gets what he wanted – another five years to rule them - after all the crimes and treason he has committed to ensure that.

– The Supreme Court that was killed on Nov 3 is buried and forgotten.

– The tyranny goes on and on with the help of all the partners (civil and military)…..

Anonymous said...

There is no hope from political parties to boycott the elections. So everyone should keep on resisting the martial law at what ever level he/she is doing? The political jokers of Pakistan are not sincere with the people of Pakistan.


Ahmed said...

Although, I do not agree with shoib hasan's analysis on many points. He is delusional about BB's support in Punjab. He doesnt have any strong hold. To say the least she is not gaining any popularity. People are cautious about her to say the most. They are seeing what she is willing to sacrifice for the people of punjab.

But I do agree to a point that its going to be a divided electorate, but shoib seems too optimistic about musharraf. He is taking for granted the fact that the politicians have forgotten the issue of CJ Ifitikhar chaudhry.

These elections arnt being held under PCO. They were already scheduled to be held under consititution. So technically these new people will be MNA's under the old constitution unless they approve an 18th amendment. So with the old consitituion the old judiciary will come. What will then uncle mushy do?

However, if these politicians forget the judiciary, then I don't need to say more, then I will act...

Anonymous said...

I think street protests are needed to get the politicians to see that we, the people, of Pakistan do not want this sham election. We want free judciary before any election can take place. If we raise our voices loud and hard enough, they have no choice but to listen. If we sit silent, only the rare politician will call for boycott. Force PPP, PML to boycott for sake of Pakistan!

Anonymous said...

Guys, read the 25th Nov post on as to how to contribute to convenice PPP to boycott elections. It seems that BB is stil in cahoots with General Boots.

HuM said...

i m aslam from uet lahore and first of all i appreciate efforts of all students from LUMS,FAST AND PU in initiating a very healthy voice during BLACK DAYS of emergency...
about elections i think our politicians are not sincere with us "pakistanis".except few so i think they need to unite in taking important decisions regarding elections.

here i appreciate efforts of IMRAN KHAN for movement against dictatorship and for democratic pakistan

paistan zindabad

Bushra said...
this is an interesting article which v all must read. This is the true definition of unity and an example of sincerity to one's country and the nation. Its a shame that our leaders hardly ever come to power to serve the nation, they come to accumulate wealth n thats what they r good at.
I wish that people understand and realize that BB n Nawaz sharif have been tested n tried time n again n failed to bring about much of a positive change. And i wish that our ppl r sensible enuff to boycott the elections in large number if these parties do not!