Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Video of the FAST students detained within their campus


And yet more student protests..

The passion and zeal thats newly stormed it's way into the hearts and minds of our youth is spreading like wildfire..

Hamdard University Protests in Islamabad

Recent reports have been confirmed that this afternoon a gathering outside Hamdard university comprising of students, lawyers and journalists managed to stage a vociferous protest within the premises of the nearby district court. Decrying the martial law and shouting slogans for Musharrafs immediate resignation they rallied together for a considerable period until the police showed up. Thereafter they resisted police baton charging succesfully and managed to retain their stronghold of the district court and remained there effectively making their point. They dispersed before any more serious action could be taken but some lawyers are reported to have been arrested form the premises. The account is quite extraordinary and suggests the very real phenomena of civil society coming together across all classes and walks of life under one common umbrella. We are heartened and inspired to say the least.

We stand behind you all. As always in complete unity.

Quaid-e-Azam University protests

Yesterday the students of Quaid-e-Azam University in tandem with faculty mainly from the natural sciences department staged a protest in thier campus roughly 400 people stron. Intelligence agency officials were reported to have been present aswell.

Today a similar protest was staged in a larger number and another successful rally was staged with morales running high. After the protest was officially over the police once again showed up but thankfully no untoward incidences occurred.

All in all the past two days have shown strong promise and high spirits with the youth and civilian forces finally stirring. We must all rise to the occassion. And rise we shall. There is no stopping the heights to which a students mind can soar. There is no stopping the barriers which a student body can break. And the students of Pakistan are proving this with their thoughts words and actions.

We are all with you. As one.

Events at Punjab University- IT dept

Today the faculty of PUCIT (Punjab University College of Information Technology) discussed the issue of emergency imposed as well as the unlawful arrest of our fellow colleagues and students. It was decided in the meeting that this is high time as the situation demands that academic institutes (teachers + students) should play their role to bring the country out of the current crisis. A point was raised that faculty should wear black ribbons on arms as an indication of protest. More so students of the university gathered and raised slogans against the current administrative polices within the campus. It the need of the hour that the academic institutes should move in full coordination so that their sound should be heard not only within the country but across the border as well. Friday the 9th November demands a very well coordinated move by the entire nation under the guideline of Allama Muhammad Iqbal's vision who said "God has never changed the plight of a Nation who has not tried to change it". It is time that we should stop sitting in our cozy rooms and wait for a heavenly miracle to occur. We should move towards the right path so that the duty of guidance be fulfilled as members of faculty it is our moral and legal duty towards our nation.

May God help us all

Link to Fast university police action on video

Today's atrocious events at FAST university lahore campus are condemnable by all standards. Here is the link to a video taken which shows the congergation of peaceful students and their detention and confinement within their campus by the police.

We will try to upload the video as soon as possible in the mean time please visit the blog and let us show solidarity to the Fast students.

We are with you. As always. In complete unity.

PPP hits the streets!

As this email is being written, several thousand PPP workers are protesting outside the parliament house. As expected, they are being batton charged, tear gased and arrested. However, their spirits are still soaring high. PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto has demanded that Musharraf should step down as Chief of Army Staff and Martial Law be lifted immediately. She has said that PPP would commence a long March from Lahore, if, by the 13th of November all lawyers, political activists and civil society activists arrested without cause are not immediately released.

Everyone fighting against this draconian act of Musharraf is united for the same cause. Hence, we should take strength from our comrades fighting this tyranny in all parts of the country and abroad. The most crucial point right now is the sharing of information, so if anyone of you has any contacts with any PPP member, he/she should immediately inform them that they are not alone. The student body is standing beside them every step along the road to freedom and democracy.


for further details, log onto: for live coverage of GEO

Pictures of the largest ever Lums rally- Wedenesday 7th Nov

Details of the LUMS rally and Police Response

Over 1000 students were part of a protest held in LUMS today. This protest happened in spite of the fact that the Police had spoken to students in LUMS and said that if they did anything (even within the campus), they would be baton charged. Police surrounded the LUMS campus from the morning, before the protest began. Plainclothes policemen were wandering around campus warning students about the impending crackdown. It was relayed that they knew the names of the students at the helm of the movement and they would be targeted. Many LUMS students attempting to enter the campus were denied entry by the police from the onset.

However, the protest went ahead as planned. Students and faculty gathered first in the sports complex, where, after reciting the National Anthem, they began the proceedings. Student and faculty speakers outlined the cause of the movement and their demands, which were, the removal of the martial law, the release of all lawyers, activists, teachers, students and leaders detained by the law enforcement agencies, the reinstatement of the judiciary and an end to the curbs on the media. By this time, we were informed that police were forcefully preventing media personnel from getting into the campus to cover the event. Nevertheless, the protest continued; the crowd slowly moved outside the sports complex, in complete silence, symbolic of the way in which their voices were being suppressed.

However, when they reached the entrance, where the police was present, armed with batons and teargas, the Vice Chancellor came out and ordered everyone to stay inside and move away from the academic block. The crowd then changed direction and made a round of the academic block, with the atmosphere getting more heated up, the crowd indignant at the stifling of their voice. During this round, it was made evident to many of us that plainclothes policemen and intelligence officials were present in the crowd, trying to create confusion and pandemonium, as well as take pictures of the student leaders involved. In the huge crowd, however, it was impossible to accurately isolate these people and have them removed. Meanwhile, a UET student attempting to enter the campus was beaten up by the police and detained, along with a member of the LUMS ITSC staff, though this is unconfirmed.

Right after this, about half the number of initial protestors carried out a silent, peaceful protest where they simply sat down in front of the Main Entrance in front of the police personnel. Most of the protestors placed masking tapes over their mouths, in a show of silent solidarity as they faced the police. At this time, all media personnel attempting to leave the campus were accosted by police with their cameras confiscated. The Police presence since then has multiplied and they are still at the gates. Reports are that they have been ordered to procure at least 15 people for detainment. The administration has denied them thus far. They remain outside. We are not sure what the outcome will be.

We have heard of the valiant efforts of our student brethren at FAST as well, who remain besieged inside their university. We salute you for your courage and call for a united effort against this military brutality. We call upon the entire student community of Pakistan to rise up against this criminal, authoritarian regime. Together, we will take this to its inevitable conclusion.

In Complete Unity.

Update on the Fast University crackdown

Police raided the students with four mobile vans full of baton yielding men. They have locked up the university and are holding the students inside as hostages, demanding they be handed over the protestors. The brave administration of FAST have rejected this demand. We salute the people of FAST for their bravery and standing up for their rights.....

spread the word and live with dignity

The situation in Karachi and Islamabad

This report was filed from Karachi at 11:50 a.m.

KARACHI - Martial Law's 4th Day

Karachi, November 7: Heavy contingents of police and rangers have taken positions outside the Sindh High Court with plain-clothed police and intelligence officials posted inside, an Emergency Telegraph reporter witnessed and quoted sources that requested anonymity.
Under a three-day courts' boycott announced by the legal fraternity, lawyers boycotted courts for the second day.
Police (and intelligence officials) barred the entry of media personnel in the Sindh High Court and only lawyers who had cases scheduled for November 7 were allowed entry.
Senior lawyers of the Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) are scheduled to have a meeting today which will formulate the future strategy of the legal fraternity.
No prominent arrests were made today (so far), however, several lawyers and rights activists have been reported as "missing."

Report from Islamabad:

Everyone in Islamabad is requested to participate in the student protest at 2 pm in F8 Market Opp Hamdard University TODAY (WEDNESDAY)

Activities in Texas

Here is what faculty members and graduate students at University of Texas are doing:

1) A meeting was held by concerned students and faculty members yesterday on campus to chalk out a strategy for highlighting the struggle in Pakistan and to express the condemnation by UT academic community of the illegal steps being taken by Gen Musharraf in Pakistan and raise awareness about it here in Austin and in the US.

2) A protest march and community teach-in is planned for Friday on UT Campus. Pakistani students/faculty members will be speaking about the current crisis there.

3) A letter writing campaign is underway: we are trying to secure maximum number of signatures from faculty members to convey the unanimous opposition of UT academic community to the imposition of martial law in pakistan.

While it may not mean much, we hope to contribute in a small way to the struggle being waged in Pakistan. The news from LUMS is most heartening and we salute them on their struggle.

Police crackdown at FAST, LUMS

The students at FAST collaborated with their faculty and held a protest today i.e. on November 7th 2007. There was a show of about 90 people there and the police entered the campus to disperse the protestors. We have been getting conflicting reports that state that a few of the protestors have been arrested. We will keep you updated as the news keeps coming.

We've just recieved an update that police at FAST are calling for the arrests of protestors carrying placards. Similar demands, we believe, are being made at LUMS...

LUMS surrounded by police

LUMS is currently surrounded by police calling for arrests, following the largest ever protest here today. Similar events in FAST, Lahore. Student leaders have been identified and are being targeted. the LUMS admin is meeting now to decide course of action. Details will be uploaded as events transpire.

It has begun..

The protest yesterday at LUMS will go down as the dawn of a new era in this country’s history. It will, God Willing, mark the end of the debilitating cynicism and social apathy that has afflicted the people of this country and led to the crossroads we find ourselves at today. Even in the darkness that engulfs us, our voices are being heard, people are joining the movement. Even as we speak, civil society is organizing. Students from Punjab University, LSE, BNU, Quaid-e-Azam University, UET, GIKI, Bahria and others are all standing up in protest. The students have awoken. The rest of civil society is on its way, even as the political parties awake.
The protest in LUMS on Wednesday promises to be even bigger than the last one, with our demands clearly outlined; lifting of the martial law, reinstatement of the judiciary, an end to the curbs on the media and the release of the thousands of lawyers, activists, teachers, students and leaders illegally detained by law enforcement agencies.
The response from the state so far has been unimaginably brutal; 3000-3500 lawyers have been arrested thus far, more than a quarter of the entire legal community in Pakistan, along with hundreds of other members of civil society. CNN reports that police personnel have been awarded cash bonuses for beating up and arresting lawyers. Attempts have also been made to intimidate us, the student community, into subservience. But we will take this to its inevitable Conclusion.
In Complete Unity.

Protest in London

From Miguel Loureiro

Its 1 a.m. in Brighton. Just arrived from London. The demonstration in front of the high commission had about 200 people, with more than 10% LUMS alumni from all the main universities in the UK.
All the main media was there. Gave them the news about what was happening in the universities and other places in Pakistan. I've told them to go inside the universities to hear the voices.
Someone from CNN (he asked me not to be mentioned) asked me to tell you to (in his words) "Flood our website with pictures, videos and reports of what is happening there". Send them to I-Report at:

He said that CNN loves this "people reporting" and also that it's been very difficult to get their reports out of Pakistan (BBC and NDTV shared the same view).
Send your videos and pictures and reports to them.
On another front we (in the UK) decided to ask all Pakistani political parties why they weren’t coming out onto the street - we are going to tell them we aren't going to the streets unless they set the example.

Next demonstration Wednesday in Birmingham, and we're planning to hold demonstrations in front of No. 10 every Saturday. Apparently the demonstration in New York was also quite good. Keep the fight there, but don't go out and get arrested.

A brilliant idea from one of our students:

"It would be good if all the websites at LUMS, in Lahore, in Pakistan and any where else post a message on there home pages condemning the shameless move of General Musharraf."

IDS at Sussex have already done so. This is their front page:

Pass on this idea to all academic institutions that we have contacts with, nationally and internationally.

GIKI passes Resolution

We the students of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Topi, Distt. Swabi, Pakistan strongly protest the imposed emergency in Pakistan. Many of our students have expressed their protest by wearing black clothes and arm bands. We will support the protests all around Pakistan and the world in every possible way we can.

Apathetic No Longer

How can Pakistanis sit back and watch all that is happening in our country today and not want to do something about it? How can they ‘disapprove’ but still fail to take actions to rectify what is wrong? How can they be so apathetic? These and many others like them have always been the criticisms hurled at the Pakistani public but today, on the eve of a revolution that is taking the country by storm, such criticism can no longer apply, these insults can no longer be aimed at Pakistanis. In a feat of unprecedented defiance, judges of the Supreme Court refused to take oath under the PCO, lawyers boycotted the courts, and Pakistani lawyers, students and activists protested in the streets of Lahore, Islamabad, New York and London. The very fact that the police and its cohorts resorted to breaking into the High Courts and arresting the peaceful protesters enmass is proof enough of the fear that this unexpected uprising, this wave of protest, is instilling within the government. When those that pretend to be our rightful ‘leaders’ made the decision to impose yet another martial law upon us, they made the grave mistake of underestimating the power of the people. They thought that they could impose this illegal martial law under the guise of a ‘state of emergency’ and no one would dare raise their voice against it. They thought that like always, the majority of Pakistanis will take what is given to them without lifting a finger to correct it and the few who will protest will be easily rounded up and safely tucked away.
How wrong they were.
For the first time since the revolution that created our country in the first place, the majority rather then the minority of Pakistanis have sat up and taken notice. More protesters then ever have taken to the streets and voiced their objection. This country was wrestled from the hands of oppressors by the sweat and blood of our forefathers and today it is time to once again raise our voices against those that seek to oppress us, those that dare think that they can snatch from us those freedoms that we are born with. They think that they can stifle us, that they can take our rights from us, that if all else fails they can at least prevent us from getting our voices heard: when will they realize that they can never do this. As long as there are people left standing, there will be protests, as long as there are those left that can hold a pen, the revolution will be documented and word will be gotten out to people all over the world.
This is not the time to be apathetic, because in the end we need to realize that the worst has already happened: we are living in a state where even the basic human rights and freedoms do not apply and a person can be simply made to disappear, without any explanation given, if the government so sees fit. Now, that the worst is upon us, how will be as Pakistanis react? Will we sit back and let it happen like we always do? Or will we stand up and voice our objections till the world echoes with the defiance of our nation? Will we join the thousands that are peacefully protesting this blatant disregarded for human rights, or will we be too apathetic to bother? We cannot now sit back and say that this does not affect us: of course it affects us! As long as we are living within this country, as long as we are citizens of Pakistan, these events affect us. The choice before us a simple enough: do we choose to realize this and take action, or do we choose to not see it and let our country crumble to dust around us? The choice is ours, the power is ours.


The Emergency Times team would like to say bravo to the overwhleming response to LUMS protests and meetings being held regardign the current political crisis. While we appreciate people concern and diverse contributions to the movement through videos, pictures and articles,complemented by active interest by media outlet to cover our story, there are a few things people needs to keep in mind.

There needs to be an organised and centralized method of communicating information within and outside LUMS. Amidst the chaotic sequence of events that have been in motion over the last couple of days, we at LUMS are still in process of putting a media team together. Whilst we are at that, we would like to request everyone to send whatever pictures and videos they have taken of events and meetings at LUMS, to the We are still in the process of putting up a user friendly website that will allow everyone to upload videos and photos. Whilst we are at it, please do not send any photos or videos to media outlets directly, but instead forward them to the email address mentioned above. Any photos and videos communicated to local or foreign media, needs to be regulated and edited for safety reasons.

We need to exercise caution at every step of this movement. Some of the videos and photos make faces of some of LUMS students and faculty clearly identifiable. Soem fo you have uploaded pictures and videos on facebook and even tagged. Please take them off immediately, or otherwise edit and blur the pictures without makign them identifiable. Due to the sensitivity of the nature of events we want to exercise extra caution. This reminder of caution has also being reitrated by some members of the LUMS faculty so its not a personal demand only.

Once your pictures and videos are received on the we will, with your permission ofcourse, forward them to interested media outlets. If any media outlets contact you for interviews, photos or videos, please ask them to contact us. If you are interested in giving an interview, do let us know, so that we are aware and informed on what information is being transmitted to which outlet.

Remember we are in this together, united so please do not compromise the safety of your fellow protestors and comply with our request.


The Emergency Times Team

Pictures from the Protest at LUMS on Monday