Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From the Editors..

It is imperative that we feel the plight of thousands upon thousands of innocent fellow Pakistanis languishing in overflowing jails right now for no apparent reason other than exercising their basic human rights. Many of them are being tortured into painful submission. We must express solidarity with them and do our utmost to raise our voice against the atrocities being committed by the paragons of oppression. This nation has produced more heroes in the past one week than it has done in decades. We stand by them in these dark times.

In Complete Unity.


Pakistan Politics said...

We at PakistanPolitics.net are very excited to see your initiative and will be adding you to our blogroll soon.

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Pakistan Affairs Desk said...

We should devote a section to strategy and action.

Who are the detainees? The Pakistan Emergency page on Wiki has been compiling a list. Help out.

Visit the families of the detainees. Bring them gifts. There is lots of work to be done.