Monday, November 19, 2007

The General holding nukes as hostage


Pakistan may face its ultimate destruction because of one person -its own military chief.

Having lost all other legitimacy, Musharraf is now bargaining with the west on a single point agenda.
"Allow me to stay in power, or else the nukes go into the militants hands. Only I (Repeat I), can safeguard the nukes. The west has a choice. Me or nuclear talibans."
If the people of Pakistan can not see through this fraudulent argument and take immediate actions to remove Musharraf from his job as the army chief as well as the President, they are any way going to be doomed. The US will determine its own method of protecting Pakistani nukes.
Musharraf has now publicly admitted that he broke the law by imposing emergency. What does the constitution of Pakistan say for those who violate constitution. It is an act of treason.
The struggle for restoration of democracy and justice must be launched from every street of Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Musharraf's plea that only he can lead Pakistan is an insult to our nation of 160 million. Will, God forbid, Pakistan cease to exist after Mush? Does Mush want to say that whole of Pak army is so incompetent that once he leaves, nukes will land in the hands of terrorists? This is an insult to one of the best armies in the world. Unfortunately whole army is being maligned for one man.
I can't understand why west is still behind him and believes every thing he says. Most people in Pakistan are moderate. Terrorists are on the fringe, not in the center. We will fight them and root them out. Think for a while. Why all this turmoil has coincided with time of elections? Why were terrorists allowed to advance in Swat? Why was terrorist fm radio station allowed to carry on its poisonous propaganda? Why have suicide bombings stopped altogether with the imposition of emergency, although no additional measure has been taken to tackle them?

Anonymous said...

How a man ,who is worry about his own survival can protect our nuclear arsenals.West must not worry about our nuclear system bcz we have a capable protection system.That,s why General please avoid to blackmail west in ur last attepmt to save ur skin.

Anonymous said...

This man is a liar. We should never believe his words. He lied to the nation that he imposed emergency. He lied to the MMA when he promised them to doff uniform in 2003/2004. He lied that he is fighting extremism, when he did not even change the curricula of madrassahs.

He is yet again lieing to all of us that he will conduct free and fair elections. He has subverted the Constitution, and according to Article 6, he has committed high treason, which is punishable to death and life-sentence. In order to gain legitimacy from the next assemblies he will have to rig the elections in order to escape the conviction of high treason.

Ace said...

I don't even like watching his face now, so many lies, so many faces.

Anonymous said...

The rogue general has resorted to nuclear blackmail. He is the most dangerous person on the planet.

M Junaid Khan said...

I think our nuclear weapons are really at stake here so i dont agree with the author here.

nazia said...

Now one can easily see that who is real threat for Pakistan.Pakistani people are now quite aware that terroist dramas are all planned by our army mafia.By this way they can assure their people that army is best choice for the nation. Mussaraf recent comments on nuclear arms are actually threat to western power.Is he thinking that he will live forever.Such comment again show his low IQ and poor leadership qualities that even in 10 years he is still unable to train a capable person to protect our assets.Now guard of our nation has become terroist and US should realise that they are feeding the snake and now snake is ready to sting his own people.

reeferseed said...

The ongoing political melt-down of Mussaraf is helping the world at large by perhaps hastening, in the U.S., the political melt-down of the Bush-Cheney-Pelosi Cabal of servants to Israel.