Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Justice Tariq Mahmood in critical condition

It has just been reported on a mailing list that another political prisoner Justice (retd) Tariq Mahmood is also in critical condition and has been shifted from the Kot Lakhpat prison to Service Hospital, more updates to follow.
Muneer A Malik's condition is still deemed to be serious. There has been no word on Ali Ahmed Kurdas of yet.


Anonymous said...

If political parties dont do anything NOW then the very people because of which Mst. Benazir and Mr. Nawaz are here (the lawyer community and judges)will get butchered. This is looking like a pattern first it was Munir Malik, now Justice (retd.) Tariq, God knows what they ve done with Ali Ahmed Kurd? May Allah bless us all! Ameeen.

Jaanisaar ov CJ said...

Oh My God..!
O Allah, only You can save my leaders.
only You can protect them from this brutal Govt. Please Grant them Health.Please save them from these cruel Leaders.