Friday, November 30, 2007

Nationwide Student Protest Today!!!

Pakistani students at home and abroad have risen up to fight for their rights. From now on they will be taking their movement outside of their universities, computers, cellphones and into the streets. The statement is attached below. WE STRONGLY URGE LAWYERS, NGOs AND ALL SECTION OF THE CIVIL SOCIETY TO JOIN IN THESE PROTESTS TO SUPPORT THE STUDENTS! Please forward this email to everyone who might be willing to come!

These are only a build up for MASSIVE WORLD WIDE PROTESTS to be held until the country goes back to pre-Nov 2 position (restoration of judges, freedom of media, release of political prisoners, etc). Please contact if you want to hold protest in your cities and want them to be included in the next newsletter!

You are advised to participate in the events and to distribute this to as many people as possible.
Media coverage has been asked for but please do not forget to bring your own cameras. In addition feel free to inform about these events to any media personnel.

Here are the details of the events:


Islamabad: 3pm, Infront of Holiday Inn (opp Press Club) for Capital talk then join judges and lawyers at 4 30 in front of Marriot to march to CJs house.

Lahore: 2pm, Liberty Chowk Lahore

Karachi: 3pm, Mazar-e-Quaid

Waiting confirmation from other cities in Pakistan.


Nov 30th:

3 pm, Queen's Park,Toronto, ON Contact:416.879.7246

Chicago contact Shahzad , or (773) - 817-1689.

Geneva, 3 pm, infront of the UN building. contact Ayesha

Oslo, contact Oslo: phone # 004747391608

Boston, contact Saad Rizvi,, 857-334-8012

Dec 1:
Orlando, 1 pm, Lake Eola Park, Downtown, Orlando

1 pm , parliament avenue , contact Mutahir--07943005302

New York, 12pm, Infront of UN in Manhattan, NY. 42nd street, and 1st Avenue

Dublin, 1 pm, outside PARLIAMENT HOUSE Marion House,


Anonymous said...

wish you all the best. Please don't give up till judiciary is restored to pre 3rd Nov. state.
Cannot participate in person. But all the people who join in thsi protest will be in my prayers.

Affan said...

Although it is wise to choose the time just after Jumma Prayer yet it is difficult to people doing jobs to participate. I know it is my weakness that I am unable to sacrifice a day for a national cause but the fact of the matter is: offices don't give you a holiday for protesting. Wasn't it possible to make it on Saturday?

adnan ali said...

Great protest at the Liberty Square by the Student Action Committe Lahore today. Alhamdulillah I can say that I was there.

Around 300-400 students converged on the Liberty Square to protest against the imposition of martiallaw but mostly for the restoration of the judiciary. They raised slogans and smartly designed banners and placards.

Although the police showed its presence in riot gear, the students were disciplined and firmly stuck by their claim of a peaceful protest. Any traffic slow down was actually caused by the drivers slowing down to enjoy the sight of students awakening to their duties.

Overall a very disciplined and successful protest ended as the students left peacefully.

Sophia said...

This call is such a farce. In Karachi the members of the group that were supposed to be the organizers didnt show up themselves!!!
There are bunch of losers who didnt pick up their mobile phones since 10 am.
People's Resistance in Karachi had decided not to show up at an anonymous call, yet some activist from the group decided to go and there were 20 of us and two persons from media and ZERO from the facebook group that gave the call. Is this how you run a movement? You are such a waste of time. Get real, the real fight is on the streets where you show your numbers rather than on Facebook!!! This is unfortunately not going to take us anywhere.
I hope in future such calls are more coordinated.


Anonymous said...

it is really comendable what the students are doing and i would so like to be a part of these protests, unfortunately i'm a private student and am not associated with any institution. secondly, my family, though against the present government, is not enthusiaistic about letting me participate in such protests. would anyone please make a suggestion as to how i can be useful in this movement and be able to contribute as well.

Umer Gilani said...

Update from Islamabad:
The protest was a great success. Two to three hundred ordinary citizens including members of Student Action Committees of Islamabad and Lahore, prominent figures like Asma Jehangir and Roedad Khan were there. Thundering at the entrance to the judges' enclave, surrounded by hundreds of policemen, we made it clear that we stand by the defiant judiciary and media and that power belongs to the people, not to any dictator nor to any sold-out politician.

Anonymous said...

You people are in the news! Good job!

Anonymous said...

You people are in the news! Good job!