Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Power of the Pen resonates

The Emergency Times is making waves around the world! This is cut out of 2 articles from the Emergency Times first issue. Let this be an encouragement to all of you who want to make a difference. Do not underestimate the power of the pen. Write as much as you can; to lawyers, judges, newspapers, foreign media outlets, politicians, human rights activists and ofcourse to the emergency times. Let people know about what has been happening at this end. Remember some of the greatest revolutionaries were great writers too. So pick up the pen and write away!


Anonymous said...

V R proud of u....LUMS Guys:
we (at the so called best business institute of Pakstan)are proud of u people..U are really proving that u are the best...but the same time we are ashamed of ourselves and zero role we are plyaing for the greater national cause...(in one way v r responsible for creating this situation)

May God bless u all in ur efforts against the black rule..

JungShah said...

Mr. Anonymous, i am not a student of LUMS, but fully endorse Emergency Times because they have taken an initiative doing their best.

you should not feel down and try to take lead in another direction, but towards the main Goal.

use Emergency Times as your central information place, and mode of communication.

all of us are responsible of this situation today, but it is great to see change in our attitudes, let’s make this change a permanent stamp on the pages of History, together.

what you can do is, mobilize student bodies in your college and arrange protest within Campus, and let yourself heard through Emergency Times.

Inam said...

am a karachiite and looking forward to work with u guys...currently, i m working on a website, a complete platform on net for radical the meantime, if u need me let me know...I ll try my best to do sumthin for this cause...since Karachi is not playing its role in this cause as it should, and right now my student days are gone...n u no...anyway...

in Solidarity,


Anonymous said...

U guess every body endorses the student protests in Pakistan as well - as reported by Emergency Times. In support for the fellow country men - three protests were held through Sweden over the weekend. More details about that can be read on:

Hopefully this will provide some encouragement to the people back home.

Bilal said...

inam! bilal here. we met a couple of times via RK. i need to connect with you. send me a msg:


Anonymous said...

Protest getting planned at Forman Christian College, Lahore. It's extremely encouraging to see the work of all you guys. It feels like automatic support or something.

Let's save Pakistan. May Allah be with us.

Anonymous said...

Mr. "student-of-the-so-called-best-business-institute-of-Pakstan I'm a Luminite and also an alumni of your school. I've never felt as proud as i am today of being a Luminite but I understand what you all are going through....unable to protest cuz you study in an environment where you're not encouraged to speak your mind and u'll be expelled even if the admin heard a breath of any protest in the making. Plus the school is a govt run institute unlike LUMS where the admin, faculty and VC are encouraging the students. Same the is the case at other universities of Karachi, like adda of rangers. Then we have the MQM in khi! People want to do something in khi but cant cuz dear old Altaf bhai is a member of the Amreeki Dream Team. If they were to raise their voice, May 12th would happen again. But..this doesnot mean u cant do anything. You can join the struggle virtually through the internet. May All give us all courage and strength to see this through till the end. InshAllah!

V said...

Imran Khan talks about LUMS:

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

15 Pakistani students have protested in Chicago on 11th nov, sunday.

There is another protest being planned for next friday with the chicago bar association, tehreek-insaaf supporters, council of islamic organizations of greater chicago (ciogc), and students.

we are all with you guys. Keep up the good work!