Sunday, November 18, 2007

Protest in Toronto


About 50 people showed up at Nathan Phillips square in Toronto in a cold lurid afternoon. People were extremely charged and chanting anti-Musharraf, anti-martial-law and pro-Imran, pro-Judiciary, pro-Geo slogans. Protesters demanded the freedom of Pakistan’s national heroes i.e. Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan, Asman Jahangir; demanded the reinstatement of Judiciary and Chief Justice Iftikhar; demanded the restoration GeoTv and AryTv; demanded the freedom of press; and demanded the resignation of Musharraf to pave way for democracy. The chanting of Faiz Ahmed’s ‘hum daikhain gai’ was a poignant moment during the protest. In the end a petition to local MPs was distributed to all the participants. The petition demanded: 1) Canadian Parliament to pass a resolution condemning the suspension of constitution, imposition of martial law, curbs on media and the imprisonment of peaceful protestors 2) Review of aid to Pakistan to ensure that it does not fall in the hands of Gen. Musharraf’s illegitimate regime 3) declaration of ban on the entry of any civil or military members of Musharraf’s regime until martial law is lifted and judges are restored 4) summoning of Pakistan High commissioner by the Foreign Minister of Canada to protest the suspension of fundamental rights of Canadian citizens from Pakistan, and the resulting threat to their safety 5) declaration of Pakistani diplomats as ‘persona non-grata’ at the respective City Halls as they represent illegitimate regime.

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