Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Student Action Committee Lahore stages first protest

Students Action Committee, Lahore staged their first protest today. This was termed as a 'tester' before the mega protest they have announced on coming Friday, to analyze the reaction of cops and the students.Around 70 members of the Students Action Committee, Lahore gathered at Lahore Press Club building around 2 PM. Students representatives from FAST, NCA, PU, LUMS, LGS, BNU, UCL and a few other institutes were welcomed by the Lahore Press Club Management where they first started designing placards. The students then started chanting slogans 'Go Musharraf Go !' , 'Laathi Goli ki Sarkay, Nahe Chalay ge Nahe Chalay ge' and 'Adlia' Azaad Karo'. The members of Lahore Press Club and lawyers joined them soon and media guys shot the action. 'Chillars' (Police) ? Obviously they were there, even before the students were there. The cops assembled at the gate of the Lahore Press Club building to monitor the situation. Later, the students decided to move out of the building, quite daring and bold step, knowing that the cops were ready for action. But quite surprisingly they did not interfere. The students, holding the placards moved out and queued up at the foot-path around the Press Club building. The cops told the students not to come forward on the road. The sloganeering continued even there for 15-20 minutes and pamphlets were distributed to the pass-byers, motorists and those in cars. It was encouraging to see people passing by showing victory sign (with fingers) to the protesters - at least people support the cause if can not participate.The students, forming a human hand-chain moved to the GEO Stall, opposite to Jung building at Davis Road to sow solidarity and support to the media guys and to raise their voice against the curb on media. Team GEO warmly welcomed the students and handed over the mic to the students for sloganeering, which continued with a few new ones added as per the environment, like, 'GEO ko jeenay do' , 'Media ko azaad karo' etc. One of the students then recited a couple of revolutionary poems from Jalib and Faiz.

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Anonymous said...

good show guys.
keep it up.

Anonymous said...

any pictures from the event? id love to see!

Anonymous said...

you guys are doing a great job and hopefully people who are reading the posts, in and out of the country can join in.

Ahmed said...

Some people posted phone numbers of PML-N and PPP leaders on various forums and fB groups here and there and told people to phone them and ask them to boycott elections. As far as the PPP people are concerned they wont do it. They are in, however u can try.

But if PPP are in (as they definitely are) then PML-N shouldnt be left behind. Why? Because that would favor musharraf and thus his dictatorial rule. If PML-N boycotts elections then probably PPP would be allowed to win by ISI and USA,and then PPP will accept Mushy as president.
See for more detail:

If PPP doesnt win landslide still PML-Q might come up and there might come up and mushy will stay. So Mushy will stay in any case. And judiciary will never be restored and probably geo will never be restored to the same level again ever. So only way is to allow nawaz sharif's party to break up q-league and when he does that he will take over punbjab. And we know that whoever wins punjab wins pakistan!

And with support of PTI and JI and ANP he can also definitely win in NWFP for sure and in some parts of blochistan too.

When they have won the elections they should appoint there own president and prime minister and tell musharaf to leave the president's office.

Fan said...

Yeah! I´d like to see it too! :)

By the way I found this:

Check it out!!