Thursday, November 29, 2007

Students welcome removal of uniform but stress restoration of the judiciary

Members of the LUMS Student Movement welcome President Musharraf's long-awaited move of removing his military uniform. However, they stress that this does not detract from the main issue which has mobilised such a storm of opposition to the regime's actions in recent weeks; the primary issue continues to be the restoration of the legitimate judiciary as it was before November 3rd, 2007. The Judiciary's independence and soveriegnty is the fundamental right and demand of the people of Pakistan. The students express the hope that the removal of President Musharraf's uniform is not merely a cosmetic overture and marks a real change of attitude in the government towards beginning a genuine process of lessening the degree to which the military is entrenched within the affairs of the executive and affecting a real seperation between the judicial, executive and military institutions of the regime. Students' protests in defence of the judiciary will continue unabated.


Anonymous said...

Though the removal of the unofrm by the President is definitely a welcome move, i till think that the military is involved far too much in the running of this country and we should keep demanding that it remains where it belongs and should stop interfering in the executive. i also have a question regarding a statement Benanzir made today, saying that not taking part in the elections would further complicate the matters, i'd like to know how is that possible?

Nigraan said...

she's a such self-serving idiot! playing with words is her specialty. Don't even bother listening to her!! Students just dashed off a letter asking her to boycott or else. Let's see if we can knock some sense into her. She's going to ruin it all through her greedy prisoner dilemma game! yeah it's true the military is too entrenched but it has to be gradually removed because it is entrenched in such insidious ways, can't just drag it out and toss it away :(