Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Things to keep in mind for upcoming protests:

Keep a wet cloth handy to cover your mouth, nose and eyes during possible tear-gassing.
Salt for your throat, under the same eventuality.
Be careful of what you discuss on the phone, telephone lines and the internet.
Make sure you leave your contact with someone responsible to check on you in case something happens.
Girls are specially advised to wear shalwaar kameez.
Do not carry expensive items with you.
Do not travel in large groups without sufficient organization because you could arouse needless scrutiny.
And of course, a pair of good running shoes.


qaiser kakakhel said...

Good advise here too:


The Great One said...

carry bandages and antiseptic creams along with you, try to carry a bottle of water for possible dehydration,wear simple cloths, be peaceful throughout. best of luck too u all...

eMad said...
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vincent said...
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