Monday, November 26, 2007

Update on Muneer A Malik

The update is that yesterday the government withdrew detention orders against Muneer A Malik. However, we hold the government directly responsible for the criminal negligence and for any consequences to Mr Malik. His condition is stable now, although obviously the delay has caused damage, say friends who are there. They emphasise that people should not panic, but that we should keep the pressure on the Govt to withdraw detention orders on all political prisoners, and please keep them in our thoughts and prayers. To recap, as Salahuddin pointed out, the government did not allow or provide timely medical help to Muneer A. Malik. When his condition deteriorated they panicked and transported him to PIMS on Nov 23 at 6pm. He suffered acute renal failure and was placed on dialysis in the ICU.
There is news that Aitzaz Ahsan is being shifted to Lahore where his house will be declared a sub-jail and he will be placed under house arrest.


Anonymous said...

This thing with Mr. Munir A Malick has gone too far. I'm myself a medical practitioner and I ve been involved in 'dialysis' procedure quite often. Believe me it is very painful physically and mentally for the patient (i dont want to go in the specifics).
See how people who love this country and try to bring around 'positive change' are dealt with 'enlighted moderation????'
What is the status of Aitzaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmad Kurd and company no one knows.
I pray to Allah for Mr. Muneer Maliks health, because we desperately need people like him. Ameen.

Adil from Lahore said...

i am really grieved to know about the painful condition of Muneer A Malik and if we kept on treating all sincere people in the same brutal manner then no one in future will step up and raise the voice for the poeple of Pakistan! we are proud of you Mr Muneer but ashamed at the same time that we could do nothing for you :(