Monday, December 24, 2007

Details on Legal Relief Fund

Lawyers' who spoke out to protect our constitution have been hardest hit in this hour of trial since November 3rd. Their crime being making the effort to uphold the rule of law and reminding everyone of their fundamental rights and the way these have been usurped over the years. The lawyers' biggest crime has been to raise a voice against wanton destruction of a pillar of the state, the judiciary.

They have borne the brunt of state repression as a result. Cases are arbitrarily being decided against these lawyers' clients to put further financial pressure on them. There are still many in Sahiwal who have been physically abused with lasting burn and other injuries. Several other stories can be told of lawyers' suffering from almost every city of the country.

An account has been opened to host a relief fund to help members of the legal community who are facing hardships. This account is operated under the supervision of luminaries such as Justice Wajeehuddin Ahmed and Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid among others.

Account details:

Bank: Habib Bank Limited
Branch: Sind High Court Branch (branch code 0606)

Account Title: Legal Relief
Account number: 0606-7900027203

For international funds transfer (wire transfer):

Swift code: H A B B P K K A A 0 0 7

Cash donations in Pakistan:

Simply visit any HBL Branch nearest you and give account details (as above) and send money using the bank's facility. In case of any problems, reply to this email and ask for instructions.

Cash donations outside Pakistan:

Simply collect the money and send wire transfer direct to the fund using swift code given above. No intermediaries required.

Let us know the amount sent so that we can confirm whether it has been received in the account. The reason we will do this is because, occasionally, State Bank of Pakistan stops a few remittances and you will never get to find out unless you ask from your local bank.


R i z said...

Very good step. Big names are heading this which makes it more reliable for people.

I must add here that, we should email to our contacts to inform about this account and spread this around pakistan.

It will be a great Idea If you place a form on this page to tell friends and colleagues about this account.

Best of Luck

R i z said...

Also write some points to keep the momentum going like we can add a footer in our outgoing emails. etc.

Best of Luck