Friday, December 21, 2007

Hum Ghulam Ibne Ghulam Hain

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"Hum Ghulam Ibne Ghulam Hain"

(We are slaves, children of slaves)

Free Judges imprisoned at their homes and we debate the technicalities of Judicial activism. Why?
They were giving us a ray of hope!

Media curbed and we think they went too far. Why?
They were showing us our real (shameless) face!

Senior Lawyers arrested, tortured and beaten up with bricks and we condemn their strikes for producing troubles for the judicial system. Why?
They believe in their dignity that we have never enjoyed!

Students arrested, baton charged, tear shelled under the "restored constitution" and we tell them to be productive in their "education". Why?
They don't want to be trained to be slaves like us!

Women beaten up by packs of state terrorists and we debate their dress. Why?
Their courage embarrasses us!

A politician takes a principled stance and we call him a "bad" politician. Why?
We've forgotten what principles mean!

Our own protectors conquer us, enslave us, but we sing their songs, shine their shoes. Why?
We don't want to be free!

Yes. We are slaves. Slavery is our mother and slavery is our father. We belong to the family of cowardice. We belong to the race of men who prefer 100 days of slavery over one day of freedom. There are species in the world who eat their children but we are far worse. We sell our children's freedom for a momentary comfort. We sell our sisters' pride, our mothers' prayers, our brothers' courage, our forefathers' sacrifices, our souls; for the stability of our cage. For the chance to increase our price, to market our product - our cowardice, our criminal silence - so that the next Pharoah will like to buy us. So that the next Satan will like to hire us. We become tools for the Gods of lies and oppression so that they wouldn't hurt us. Their tools to kill people. Their team to enslave life. Their shadow to dim the light. Their soldiers to destroy hope.

But in the process, what do we get? at what price? We get to live another day in the cage? We get to lie another night in the jail? We get to wait for the Messiah?

No, we don't deserve a messiah. For no messiah can heal the people who have sold their souls to the devil. No liberator can set the eternal slaves free. There is no hope for us. There is no future for us. There are no seventy-two virgins waiting for us in the heavens; for the people who are being plundered today will hold us accountable on the day of judgment. For the crime of Cowardice that encourages the Dictators, Silence that helps the Pharoahs and the death of ideals that invites the Vultures.

No, there's no future for us, unless! Unless, we take charge of our destiny. Unless we revive our principles. Unless we learn to sacrifice our bad today for a better tomorrow. Unless we stand up for ourselves. But until that time comes, "Hum Ghulam Ibne Ghulam hain", and our progeny will suffer the same fate!

Jin Ka Deen Perawee-e-Kizb-o-Ria Hay unko
Himmat-e-Kufr milay, Jurr'at-e-Tehqeeq Milay

Jin Kay Sar Muntazir-e-Taigh-e-Jifa Hain unko
Dast-e-Qatil ko jhatak denay ki taufeeq milay

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Anonymous said...

what an inspiring piece, bless you whoever wrote it.
One: we are products of fear which is so inherent in our bones, it wont give way.
Two: the wall has to give way, with the valiant struggle of the people who are still carrying on.
Three: It is rather silly of us who know what fear is like and who picked up our tottering courage to still stand and face the firing squad, to expect anything from those who refuse to see the light. Remember, it wasnt just the forces of Yazid who murdered Hussain and his followers in cold blood, but the scared muslims who knew he was right, but were afraid to come out.
Four: To all the valiant, the lion hearted, the free, our struggle is great and will be remembered as such.
We should not worry about who is with us, that can be their choice.
We need to sustain the movement, and have a sense of where next to go, what next to do, we shouldnt waste away at the hands of indifference, we must have a plan.