Sunday, December 2, 2007

Photos, account of Protest in Dublin

Dublin: (Dec 1) A big pro-democracy protest was held outside the Irish Parliament House on Saturday afternoon. It was organized by a group of conscientious Pakistani citizens which drew a large number of protestors who came to express solidarity with the deposed judges and called for their immediate reinstatement. The speakers on this occasion demanded lifting of Martial Law in Pakistan. They included important members of the Irish Parliament as well. The speakers called to boycott, what they called 'fraudulent' elections under a dictatorship, while rejecting the controversial PCO and called for restoration of the country's constitution.
The protestors chanted anti-Musharraf slogans and held placards decrying dictatorship under President Parvez Musharraf and opposed his repressive and tyrannical rule in the strongest terms. They called for lifting of curbs on media and release of all judges, lawyers and political prisoners and urged the Pakistan government to respect democratic norms.
This was the largest political protest held in Dublin by the Pakistani community. The last rally in Dublin took place on November 9. With the increase in number of protests and world-wide condemnation of Pakistan's unpopular dictator it appears that pressure is now building up on President Musharaf to force him to finally step down from office, a controversial position which he has managed to hold on for the last nine years. (Uzair Kundi reports)

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