Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pictures from the Islamabad Protest

© photos copyright Fauzia Minallah

All Pictures are credited to Fauzia Minallah


Anonymous said...

even though you wont publish my comments but ill try anyway.
we have 101 million people under the age of 25.
we are a developing country.
we have experienced robust and sustained economic growth for the last five years running.
2 million new jobs were created by the privte sector each year.
we need 4 million new jobs a year.
we have the post 9/11 global scenario.
meaning we have to combat terrorism and eliminate extremism.
rule of law is important.
sanctity of institutions is important.

but what is more important today is keeping the economy growing.we are on the threshhold of having sustained economic growth of around 8-10% per annum for the next 20 years.we have to make sure that the overwhelming majority of the 25yr and below pakistanis get new i said we need 40 million new jobs for the 10 years.
before anyone harps about rich getting richer..have a look at the gini coeeficient index. because of these protests by the elites the economy is starting to flounder.foreign investors are shying away.privitazation because of the supreme court is at a standstill.

for god sake people use ure energies in a positive way.restoring the supreme court is not going to result in a better judiciary for the common man.cases will still take 10 years to resolve in the lower courts.judges and others will still take bribes..lawyers and influentials will still give bribes and use influence.

what basic right has been denied.people are still coming on tv and saying god knows what.newspapers are still filled with venomous anti government views.only geo is shut down.

btw fyi last year everyone might remember a global survey coming out placing pakistan in the worlds topten failed states list. that survey was based primarily on information gleaned from our media.basically they took a look at the headlines and media coverage of each country to determine its rank..our 'responsible' media was filled with such negativity that the surveyours put us beneath Afghanistan in the failed state catergory.

you guys are filled with the zeal of idealism and thats admirable.the only problem is we live in a rat race..the region around us is booming.we cant afford to derail the economy this time round.too much is at stake...remember if the economy goes flat like it did in the 90's expect the 101million youth of this country to become a ticking time bomb not only for pakistan but also the world.

think...and thank you

Junaid said...

in response to above comment..

how can you expect economy to sustain in long run without rule of law and free judiciary..
nothing can sustain in an environment where justice is jailed, where might is right..

its not just your pocket that matters...