Sunday, December 30, 2007

Student Action Committee calls for independent inquiry

After multiple contradictory statements by the establishment, the local and international media and the PPP spokespersons, the Student Action Committee (Lahore) denounces the methodology adopted by the authorities to investigate Benazir Bhutto's assassination The latest statement by the Interior Ministry which, claims Benazir Bhutto lost her life due to a head injury sustained by hitting the sunroof lies in direct contradiction to Sherry Rehman's (who was with the deceased leader at the time) chronology of events. This glaring discrepancy highlights the need of a thorough independent investigation committee which SAC (Lahore) demands. Premature statements regarding the cause of her demise or the identification of those who choreographed the assassination should be avoided and are reflecting the establishment's haste to purge its self of any responsibility of the tragic events that transpired. SAC (Lahore) would like to remind the authorities that alongside the PPP leader, 20 other lives were lost and all deserve to be laid to rest with the knowledge the efficient and legal steps will be taken to bring to light what exactly transpired at LiaqatBagh, Rawalpindi. The establishment did not honor those who lost their lives when Benazir Bhutto's convoy was bombed earlier in Karachi by a thorough investigation: this assassination should not follow the same trend. The Student Action Committee will make every effort to help this country go through these dark uncertain times. The SAC (Lahore) continues to stand firm on principles and remains unaligned with any political party.

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