Saturday, December 8, 2007

Student Action Committee, civil society protest arrest of students

Around 100 students from the Student Action Committee Lahore gathered outside the Camp Jail on Ferozepur Road on Friday afternoon, to protest the arrest of their colleagues from outside Justice Shahid Siddiqui's house on Thursday night. The students were joined by several people from the academic and legal community and civil society groups, including Syed Muhammad Shah, Lahore Bar Association president Firdaus Butt, Lahore High Court Bar Association Vice President and Justice (r) Nasira Javaid Iqbal, who were present in support of their cause. The protestors chanted slogans demanding the release of their fellow students who had committed no known crime, as well as slogans chastising the brutality of the Musharraf regime and his puppet judges, on whose orders the arrests had taken place. They also distributed flyers, posters and stickers amongst the ongoing traffic, from within which many people stopped to join the procession.
The protestors vowed not to discontinue their vigil until the students and other activists were released.
After dispersing, the students chalked up plans to continue their protest in the form of a hunger strike at the Press Club on Saturday.

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