Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Press Release from Student Action Committee Islamabad

Islamabad: SAC Islamabad has condemned the arrest, detention and harassment of the citizens of Pakistan who had gathered outside the house of Justice Rana Bhagwandas. SAC called for dropping of all unfair charges against the peaceful protesters in Karachi and expressed solidarity with them. A few minutes of silence were observed after the SAC-ISB meeting which was followed by a peaceful vigil outside Civil Junction in Islamabad. SAC-ISB especially praised the courage of eight brave men and women of Karachi who were arrested and jailed for speaking up for their conscience. The vigil was still able to attract 30 odd people amidst a short notice, the chaos in the country and the day being the 9th of Muharram - a very sacred day for Muslims. It was decided not to hold a protest or a rally to preserve the sanctity of Muharram.

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