Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Student Action Committee gathering in Islamabad

On january 5th 2008 SAC(Student Action Committee) members gathered at Aabpara(Islamabad) 3pm to discuss with the people of Pakistan, the current political, economical and social situation of Pakistan, to get to know how the common man, the general public of Pakistan think in real, instead of the false claims made by the government and its puppetry policy makers.

We, the people of Pakistan are told by this dictator Musharraf and his people that economy is prospering and so the Pakistan. We daily hear the word that people of Pakistan are in favour of Mr. Musharraf and all those generals in power by the mouth of the dictator and his group. They think we are ignorant enough to believe all those white lies.

So SAC was there at Aabpara as it is a centre of Islamabad, to unveil all those false claims made by them, to tell the dictator, the generals , their civilian puppets that the people of Pakistan are not decieved by you and your false claims anymore.They do not believe your stories. What they believe actually is the fact that you all are alike, murderers and liers. So you better stop fooling yourselves. Your fallacy can only satisfy your own group of people. You might ask the question why the people do not voice out against your tyranny and you well know yourself why because of the system which is production of your military rule that has occupied the people with their financial issues much and they are forced to live hand-to-mouth however.

SAC questioned people who do you think is responsible for your sufferings, for our sufferings? Generals? The answer was yes. All the people around just raised their hands and when asked if Musharraf is responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Ms.Bhutto? Everybody there raised the hands.

This is real public opinion and not that made by the tyrant.

Later the members of SAC alongwith the people moved to shops, took rounds of the market to show solidarity with the people and everyone there was voicing out against this tyrant and his tyranny because everyone is victimzed now. We are living in a country where some generals alongwith some beaurocrats are ruling and ruining the country and the people. SAC wanted to message them and to the world that the people of Pakistan do not accept your policies and we will keep on fighting till the sun of tyranny sets.

God helps those who help themselves.

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