Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Student Action Committee - Minar-e-Pakistan protest and other updates

The Students Action Committee (Lahore) held a rally today at 2 pm at Minar e Pakistan alongside CDRLP and other civil society groups. Asma Jahangir was amongst the various civil society members.

Over a 100 people turned up at the venue, fighting against the highly unfavorable weather conditions and made themselves heard loud and clear for over an hour.

The underlying purpose of the rally held, despite the heavy downpour, was to condemn the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto and to raise a voice for the restoration of the pre Nov. 3rd judiciary.

SAC (lahore) demanded an independent investigation into the assassination that is not conducted by partisan foreign allies and would include questioning of the people the late PPP leader had named as potential threats to her life after October 2007.

The protestors also demanded the release of Chief Justice Iftikhar, Justice Ramday and Aitzaz Ahsen.

Slogans like the heartfelt and popular 'Go Musharraf Go' and 'Jiye Bhutto Jiye Benazir' were raised and onlookers at the historic venue joined in despite the cold and the rain.

Also today, representatives from Students Action Committee Lahore and Islamabad met with Mian Nawaz Sharif and presented a memorandum of understanding which states that PML-N will work for the restoration of the pre Nov 3rd judiciary.

SAC is a nonpartisan organization and does not endorse any single political party in Pakistan. It seeks collaboration on points of mutual agreement with all individuals and organizations, including political parties, which work towards the revival of the constitution and restoration of the judiciary to their Nov 2 nd form and for student rights in Pakistan.

SAC will present this memorandum to all political parties to obtain reassurances in writing of their commitment to the restoration of the judiciary. And will work side by side with all who strive for this aim.

With the aim of working across the country, the Students Action Committee (Lahore) will continue to stand for principles and will not get side tracked by transient or personal gains.


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Situation can change altogether for good if younger voters turn-out is high. Maybe this is what homeland demands

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