Wednesday, February 20, 2008

140% turnout in Karachi

PPP and PML-N has demanded the results of Karachi to be canceled as up to 140% turnout has been reported at some polling stations. They said that the Karachi was held hostage under MQM and up to 65,000 votes were casted in areas where previously not more than 4,000 votes were casted earlier.

PMLN and PPP also said that they have collected proofs of rigging.

More reports of rigging can be seen at:

It is really impressive that the opposition was still able to win amidst all this rigging.

In other news, Sheikh Rashid, has left Pakistan after being humiliated in these elections. He lost both his seats, one by a margin of about 46,000 and the other by a margin of 62,000 votes. Last time he was elected from both. News report can be seen below. Let's see how many of the Q-Leaguers will flee the country (to join Shaukat Aziz) and how many will join the opposition.

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Maheen said...

were you there in Karachi?
did you go to vote?
i for one did!
i for one saw how great a turnout it was this time around!
people in my family, relatives friends who never even wanted to vote
did go to vote this time!
major turnouts in all those areas that were usually sleeping throughout the elections holidays!
Please refrain from just quoting political parties, be aware of who you are and where you are! posting comments on such a site without any PROOF, thats just insane!