Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Activist Fights Back

(An unusually interesting series of emails is being exchanged on the SAC's mailing list. In a fairly attacking mail, one Ms. S raised a series of objections against the continuing struggle of lawyers, students, civil society activists, media and the judiciary, and advocated the current government's case.
In the message underneath, one Mr. Wasion Ali Khan fights back in brutally compelling prose, touching upon some of the most crucial issues facing Pakistan today, including the Waziristan War.)
As explained by Miss S, the Human Rights commission, lawyers and other people of THEIR category DID NOT raised hue cry for the support of the military personnel being slaughtered in Waziristan and no one is listening to their plight (media that is).
Ms. S., May I ask that was it our fault in the first place to send those soldiers to fight fellow Pakistanis? Was it our fault that a mad dictator (who has usurped all powers and is trying to act llike Amir-Ul-Momineen) has corrupted a professional department by engaging it in civil matters and using force to solve all matters? Was it a popular vote by us, common Pakistanis, common man, that forced Mr. Musharraf to send the sons of Pakistan to kill other sons and families of Pakistan in Waziristan?
Are you willing to accuse and blame media and judiciary for not giving adequate COVERAGE to the DEATHS of our sons instead of going into the root of all problems, i.e. Mr. Musharraf??
Are you deft and blind to all the reality around you? Did you miss the carnage of 12th May as Mr. Kamil pointed out so clearly in his reply? Did you miss the judicial crisis Mr. Musharraf caused? Did you miss the reaction of judicial community throughout the world that was in favor (and still is) of deposed Chief Justice? Have you not realized that economic crisis our country is in? Did you miss to notice the spoon-feeded facts of government are blindfold to hide reality? Did you miss noticing the privatization fiasco? Did you miss the warm welcome that Benazir received with a bang on returning to Pakistan? Did you miss the fiasco the government created regarding the manner of her death? Did you miss Musharraf breaking his promise? Did you miss members of Q League saying that Lal Masjid crisis were settled but Musharraf ordered the assult?
Did you miss growing up and being mature?
Red Mosque Terrorists? How dare you. Whether they were trouble-makers, whether they were morons or whether they puppets or pawns in the great political game of Pakistan, they were fellow Pakistanis and were helped by Musharraf himself to be what they were and seeing the right time he disposed them off. Why aren't you crying over media on this, since they fully covered the whole crisis? Why are you showing biased opinions with no clear signs of understanding of politics?
Do you think that thousands of Lawyers that are protesting, boycotting the courts and are currently robbing themselves off their livelihood, are filthy rich rascals? You think they have enough to eat and leave behind for the sons and grand sons to live a life of luxury? You think that judges are opportunists and highly corrupt? Well name me any department that is NOT corrupt since Musharraf came to power? If judges were so corrupt as you indicate, are they idiots as well for missing a chance to get more power by taking oats under PCO? Judges did that 8 years ago and benefitted, you think they would miss a chance like that? You think judges who took oaths under PCO have no chance for corruption at a greater scale? Do you know that since current judges are not being accepted as legal by the lawyers community and since there is no law or legal guidance for such unique matters, the judges are simply giving verdicts of their own choice without the fear of any repercussion (they have full protection from Musharraf) and not even charging hefty sums as verdict fee from the accused but are also receiving financial and administrative benefits from the government for solving cases (irrespective of how they are being solved)?
Are you blind to notice all this? Did you actually read what you wrote in your email before
sending it?
I would advice you to get yourself educated in matters related to Pakistan before entering the arena of Conspiracy Theories. It would benefit you greatly and those around you and most of all, it will be a service to your nation. Think carefully.
In Solidarity
Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

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