Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aitzaz warns of long march if Judiciary not freed until March 9

(Courtesy GEO)
LAHORE: President, Supreme Court Bar Association Aitezaz Ahsan came out of his residence on Wednesday evening, where people in hundreds welcomed him and raised him on their shoulders.
People representing civil society and lawyers in large numbers were carrying placards of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, whose release orders have not been issued as yet.

Addressing the people present there, Aitezaz Ahsan said, ‘I am thankful to the representatives of civil society, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, women and men who came up for my release and have been staying back to support me.’ He said the people themselves took him out without any official orders.

He said a Punjab government official came with a piece of paper and asked him to an apology that elections are over and that ‘He will not undertake any political activity.’

Ahsan said that he rejected the offer by government, adding, ‘The day of everybody’s freedom is coming up.’ Aitezaz Ahsan warned to launch a long march towards Islamabad, if the judges are not restored until March 9.

Commenting on the elections results, he said he is pleased at them and congratulates the successful candidates, adding Pervez Musharraf kept canvassing for Q-League; however, the number of seats of his party was restricted to 38, thus, the anti-Musharraf votes were 86 percent in the recent elections.

Aitezaz thanked the media, which came instrumental in propagating ‘our message’ and give currency to it. A society cannot be free with a judiciary in chains, he added.

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