Friday, February 1, 2008

Iftikhar Day at Karachi Press Club - Eyewitness account

Yesterday, we were at KPC around 11 am. As usual, we were out numbered by the police. I had gone prepared with a small wet towel and water bottle in my bag (you never know what these goons might be up to !!). While the mood was great, we wondered at the presence of Edhi ambulance. We discussed the apathy of the mega city, but being an eternal optimist, I think, if you start wondering about others, then you are not sure of your own role.

I took a poster of free judiciary and handed over to a police man standing close to us. Surprisingly, he took it and read it. I said to him, we are peaceful people, what we are doing is for your and our children and this country. In response he said what any decent Pakistani is saying today. 'Why not, am I not a Pakistani don't I know what is truth.. I am just in the uniform and doing my duty but I am with you.'

We were all waiting for lawyers rally and just after midday they arrived!!! My God it was wonderful to see in person the frontline soldiers for the battle for future of Pakistan. We were all chanting slogans and then I saw Munir Malik. The rush of adrenalin was phenomenal and guys I could not help shouting Munir Malik Zindabad. Wow it was great. There were speeches, slogans and photos.

These are makers of this country's history and I am privileged to be part of it. What an honour Iftikhar! your day was celebrating with great fervour while you are alive all across Pakistan.

I don't know of any heroes who have had this honour.

Pakistan Zindabad. Dictators murdabad.

Nighat Khan

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