Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Myth Busters: Researchers Needed

Project Editor: Syed Saad Rizvi
Contact info:

Serious researchers needed.
Educate yourself and the people of Pakistan.
Show the world that the much clamor of economic growth is a fraud.
Stop the blasphemy against the judiciary, friends and civil society.
Help unearth the misuse of state resources and privileges by a few Generals that has destroyed the stature of our once loved Pakistan army.
Myth busters needs you!
If you are interested in working to expose the lies spread by Musharraf and his PR team please get in touch with the editor.


Green Views said...

Why would you need a researcher to fabricate facts...just do it yourself!

..I think you r on your own buddy!

Ali Farid said...

I am a bit confused, do you need researchers to study pakistan's economy to see whether the claims by the govt of economic growth are true or fraud?
or do you, as you have stated, want researchers to prove that the all economic growth has been a fraud!!!

the later, is not research... but mere propoganda. finding information which supports your own conclusions.

I expect better from lums students...