Sunday, February 3, 2008

SAC protests against brutalization of members

The Students Action Committee (Lahore) held a short but vehement protest against the brutal assault by Punjab College's establishment on four SAC representatives and a bystander driver.

Held outside the Press club today at 1 pm, students and sympathetic citizens stood, braving intermittent rain, raising slogans against the District Nazim Amir Mehmood and Principal Sohail Afzal, a minister for special education in the caretaker government.

They irate crowd chanted slogans against the current regime's support for such barbaric officials, who not only relentlessly brutalized the five victims to the point of one of them losing consciousness but displayed complete disregard of the presence of police investigators at their campus Saturday evening.

The SAC (Lahore) condemns the establishment for encouraging such individuals to act as sham academics and educationists. This encouragement comes in many forms; one such point, the reluctance of the SP Muslim town police station to register an FIR against the Punjab College administration for sending guards on a public road to kidnap and torture the SAC representatives and a bystander driver.

The SAC (Lahore) will persist in working for their representatives, the teachers and students, who were harassed and will not rest till legal action has been implemented. No strong arm will threaten students, the future inheritors of the country.

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Anonymous said...

PGC is notorious for violence against students. In febuary, 2006, a prominant student by the name of Farhan Nawaz was mercilessly beaten by Prof. M. Asim on PCBA/PICS campus. Farhan broke the middle finger of his left hand in three places. PGC expleeled him along with three students that led a token protest against this action as well as against the inability of the administration to so much as suspend the teacher. Farhan Nawaz is now expelled, and M. Asim teaches in PCBA as if nothing happened.

Punjab Group of Colleges is a sham organization that does not deserve to exist. Sohail Afzal and Amer Mahmood are scum that need to be cleansed from our lives