Saturday, February 2, 2008

Student Action Committee (Lahore) protest tomorrow

The Students Action Committee, SAC (Lahore) in collaboration with the Concerned Citizens Pakistan, Pakistan Medical Association, Lahore District Bar Association, Punjab Bar Council, Women's Action Forum, Joint Action Committee, PML-N, PTI, National Worker's Party, Labour Party, Khaksaar Tehrik, and other APDM parties has called for a protest against the partisan judiciary. This joint rally will be held at Nasser Bagh, 2pm, tomorrow 3rd February 2008.

Collectively, all these groups are expressing their solidarity in order to achieve a return to the pre 3rd Nov judiciary, the ousting of President General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf and the much required removal of corrupt military officials from the army, government and all public sectors.

This joint call, in unity with various societal factions who are all working for the same objectives, considers an independent judiciary as the first step for all other democratic points.

SAC (Lahore) invites everyone to participate in this protest at Nasser Bagh tomorrow and in unison mobilize the nation for a return to an independent judiciary and to work towards a system of governance that ably provides the basic amenities for its people, such as uninterupted power supply, petrol, natural gas, basic food groups such as wheat and ensures the nations safety without revoking fundamental human rights.

At a time when the current regime is teetering towards the brink of self implosion, the SAC (Lahore) would like to urge the people to stand up and reclaim the country.

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