Friday, March 21, 2008

Mubarik Ali's talk on Student Movement of Pakistan

Sunday Group Talk
By Dr. Mubarik Ali
Topic: History of the Student Movement of Pakistan
Date: 23rd March (Sunday)
Time: 6 p.m. Sharp
Venue: Nairang Art Gallery (Second Floor)(101 – Habitat Flats, Jail Road, Lahore – opposite Kinnaird College)

For more information, call: 0323-4021894 (Umer) or

The Sunday Group
Sunday Group is a weekly study-circle/discussion forum with the under-lying idea that any firm movement for the change of society requires guidance from a deep and clear understanding of the continuously changing social and political facts. Such understanding can only evolve with a collective effort where a variety of perspectives can be entertained. The need for a thorough comprehension of events around us is also necessary to raise awareness in other sections of the society and to mobilize them in the struggle for their rights.

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