Sunday, March 9, 2008

New York Solidarity Event

Saad Mustafa Rizvi

There will be a solidarity event in New York outside Pakistani Consulate at 4pm on March 15, Saturday. The event would start with a rally and end with a vigil. The rally/vigil is part of the Black Flag Week call given by Aitzaz Ahsan to commemorate the continuous struggle by lawyers, students and other civil society members for the last one year. Remember the theme is Black so please wear as much black as you can and bring black armbands, flags or anything to show your support.
Even though the counsulate would be officially closed on Saturday, the point of having a protest outside it is symbolic at the moment and to get as much media attention as possible. For more questions please feel welcome to reach me at 857-334-8012.
Our efforts have cornered Musharaf, its just a matter of time we achieve our goals.

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