Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's not lose the Judiciary to the PPP now

Dear All,

The B-Team of the establishment, aka the lotas in PPP, are about to undertake a very serious and detrimental action for the restoration of the judges. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, any ordinance, unless ratified falls after 4 months. There is no need to send a bill to the parliament: a mere notification to PEMRA is enough.

By sending this to the parliament, the elected government will be accepting Musharraf's amendments as legitimate (please see detailed analysis by Advocate Faisal Siddiqi) and would damage the judges cause irreparably. WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!

Campaign actions:

- Contact the ones responsible:

Please contact Senator Naek and MNA Sherry Rehman at their contact information below and ask them for an IMMEDIATE RETRACTION of their resolution. Instead urge them to have PEMRA retracted through a simple notification of its expiration.

Senator Farooq H. Naek Advocate
Suite-5, 3rd Floor, Shafiq Plaza, Block-A
Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi
021-5687931-3, 0300-8232527, Fax: 5687979 E-mail:

Address: H.No.8 St. 19 F-8/2 Islamabad.

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Secretary
49-Old Clifton, Karachi
021-5834663, 0300-8222881, 0300-5001420, 051-9224129
E-mail :;
PPP E-mail:

- Contact PPP CEC representatives and urge them to STOP this conspiracy:

Central Executive Committee (CEC)

Office Bearers of CEC

Asif Ali Zardari
H. No. 8, St. 19, F-8/2, Islamabad
051-2282781, 2255264, Fax 2282741. E-mail:

Makhdoom Amin Fahim
Vice Chairman
11-A, 2nd Sun Set Street, DHA, Karachi, 021-5842140, 0228-31199, 051-2840588, 0300-9221234

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani
Vice Chairman
Gilani House, Ghaus-al-Azam Road, Multan, 155-B, Phase-I, Defence, Lahore
061-542424, 0300-8448141, 8730662; 042-5723234. E-mail :

Mr. Jehangir Bader
Secretary General
140/107 Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. 042-5414990-1, 0300-8470402; 051-2276014, Fax 051-2276016

Mian Raza Rabbani
Deputy Secretary General
H. No. 14/II, St. 31, Phase-V, Ext. DHA, Karachi:
021-5865841-2, 0300-9291624, 051-9223854. E-mail:

Ms Sherry Rehman
Information Secretary
49-Old Clifton, Karachi
021-5834663, 0300-8222881, 0300-5001420, 051-9224129
E-mail :;

Mr. Sajjad Bokhari
Deputy Information Secretary
8 - Davis Road, Lahore - Tel: 042-63714559, 0300-8446754, E-mail:

Mr. Babar Awan
27-E, Ali Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-2823778, 2276540, 0320-4265000


Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
President (Ex Officio Member)
H. No.445, Bab-ul-Quresh, Muhallah Daulat Gate, Multan
061-4514666, 042-5712289, 0300-8634453 E-mail:

Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar
4-A Main Gulberg-II, Main Blvd. Lahore Tel: 042-5870106, 0300-8467744, E-mail :

Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan
5- Kanal Bank, Zaman Park, Lahore.
042-6369725; 6361800, 6305327,

Haji Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan
President Lahore (Ex-Officio Member)
110 - Suriyya Jabeen Park, Main GT Road, Baghbanpura, Lahore.
Tel: 042-6819739, 6815300, 0303-7351276 E-mail:

Makhdoom Shahabuddin
1 - Mianwali Qureshian, R. Y. Khan.
0731-65555, 042-6651613, 0300-8459101

Mr. Mohammed Afzal Sandhu
Room No. 1, 2nd Floor, Naqi Arcade, The Mall, Lahore.
042-7589878, 6371508, 0631-51300, 72639, 72339, 0300-42440384

Ch. M. Zaka Ashraf
128 Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt.
042-6655002-3, 0300-8459215; 051-2825777. E-mail:

Nawabzada Ghazanfar Gul
Kothi Nawab Sahib, Gujrat City.
0300-451222; 04331 523131; 523231, E-mail:

Senator (R) Dr. Akbar Khawaja (Special Invitee)
38A, Johar Town, Lahore
0300-4234089; (001) 703-725-6786. E-mail:

Mr. Qasim Zia
16-Sarwar Road Lahore Cantt.
042-6664110-11, 9200315, 0300-8442317, E-mail:

Rana Aftab Ahmad
D-613, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad - 041-712555, 612444, 0303-7362852

Dr A. Rehman Malik
H. No. 419, St. 38, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad - Cell: 0321-2033383

Mr Sultan Mahmood Qazi
H. No. 50 / 8, Taimor House, Lane 3 Gulistan Colony, Rawalpindi -
Tel: 051-5511579, 0333-5145179

Dr. Israr Shah
Address : Attabak Pharmaceuticals, Block C, Industrial Area, I-10/3, Islamabad
Tele: 051-4434124, 44342901, 0300-8562032 - E-mail :


Syed Qaim Ali Shah
President PPP Sindh (Ex-Officio Member)
H. No. 50, St. No. 14, Khayaban-e-Mujahid, Phase-I, DHS, Karachi
021-5850308; 0792-52481; 52219, 552900, 051-9207477 - E-mail:

Mr Nisar Ahmed Khuhro
7th - Gizri Street DHA Karachi
021-9212031, 0333-2113388 - E-mail:

Syed Naveed Qamar
Unit No. 2, Latifabad, Hyderabad;
0221-860892, 021-5874751, 5868850, 0300-5000222, E-mail:

Nawab Mohammed Yousaf Talpur
6-A, North Circular Avenue, Phase-I, DHS, Karachi
021-5882841-2, 0300-8236468. E-mail :

Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah
Manzil Gah Road, Sukkur. 071-30870, 30875
40/1, St. A, Khayaban Shujaat, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi Tel: 021-5845941, 5846941, 051-9208370, 9221147

Senator Dr. Safdar Ali Abbasi
D-42, Block-4, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi
021-4983169, 5838102, 510832, 513981, 051-9209307 - E-mail:

Sardar Nabeel Ahmad Gabol
32/2 Khayaban Hilal, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi
021-5850371, 0300-8241441, 8563296, 051-9221880 - E-mail:

Mr. Rashid Hussain Rabbani
President Karachi (Ex-officio member)
C-57, Block D, North Nazimabad, Karachi. 021-6632469, 6674949, 0321-223869

Mr. Murad Ali Shah
A-15-A/2 Central Ave. DHA, Karachi. 021-58997931, 0300-8210080 - E-mail:

Dr. Fehmida Mirza
Information Secretary - Sindh
38/I, 23rd Street, Khayaban Mujahid, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi. 021-5846509


Senator Farooq H. Naek Advocate
Suite-5, 3rd Floor, Shafiq Plaza, Block-A
Sarwar Shaheed Road, Karachi
021-5687931-3, 0300-8232527, Fax: 5687979 E-mail:

Pir Mazharul Haq
Pir Colony, Dadu
22-B Lalazar, Off Boat Club Road, MT Khan Road, Karachi
Tele: 0254-710002, 021-5612298, 0300-3279135 E-mail :


Mr. Rahimdad Khan
President (Ex Officio Member)
Village Hathian, Mardan. 0931-820155, 0303-7820435. E-mail:

Mr. Abdul Akbar Khan
Spinkati, Bakhshali, Mardan.
0931-61001, 091-819131, 0300-9177021. E-mail :


Nawabzada Mir Lashkari Raisani
President (Ex Officio Member)
Sarawan House, Raisani Road, Quetta
081-449582, 440661, 0300-9384197, 3830334 E-mail:

Mr. Javaid Ahmed
20-B/2 Railway Housing Society, Quetta
081-441404, 442643, 0300-9384199. E-mail:

Mir Baz Mohammed Khan Khetran
H. No. 281-B, St. 40, F-10/4, Islamabad
051-2292225, 0333-5123923, 0641-688011 - E-mail:

Mr. Sadiq Umrani
124-Block 5, Satellite Town, Quetta
0300-2126233, 0740-710553


Ch. Abdul Majeed
President (Ex Officio Member)
Village Tangduon, Tehsil & District Mirpur, AJK
Tele: 058610-44808, 0300-5191384

Northern Areas

Syed Jaffar Shah
President (Ex Officio Member)
Khazana Road, Gilgit. 058811-52995, 52634

Mr. Mohammed Musa
Tehsil Gilgit - 058811-2936, 55540, 55142, 051-9224871-2

- Use your activism group/political party to issue a statement and/or put pressure:
- Please get a statement from your group ASAP so the pressure can be sustained to have this resolution withdrawn before it reaches the parliament.

- Spread the word ASAP:
- Forward this to your contacts
- Urge your family and friends to put take up the campaign
- Publish this on blogs and email to Newspapers so this can be exposed.

Our SPECIAL thanks to Advocate Faisal Siddiqi and to CCP for bringing this to the nation's attention.

- Ryzwan

Analysis by Faisal Siddiqi

It has been stated by the information minister today that a bill has
been moved in the parliament which seeks to repeal the November 3rd,
2007, amendments in the Pemra Ordinance, 2007. For the reasons stated
herein below, this move will damage the stance of the lawyers that no
constitutional amendment is required to restore the deposed judges.

1. Through PEMRA (Third Amendment) Ordinance, 2007, 10 darconian
amendments were brought about in the PEMRA Ordinance, 2002.

2. Under Article 89(2)(a)(i) of the Constitution, an Ordinance will
automatically expire/repealed after 4 months. Therefore, under the
Constitution, the PEMRA (Third Amendment) Ordinance, 2007, expired on
or about March 3rd, 2007 [this is in addition to the argument that
none of these amendments could even otherwise be made by a Chief of
Army Staff/President in pursuant to a unconsitutional
emergency/martial law].

3. If the PEMRA (Third Amendment) Ordinance, 2007, has
expired/repealed on or about March 3rd, 2007, then there is no need
for a bill in parliament to repeal it.

4. Musharraf's Argument: Article 270-AAA was a (illegal) purported
amendment made in the Constitution by Musharraf on 21-11-2007. It is
the same 270-AAA which alllegedly protects all the unconstitutional
acts [including the removal of judges] of the November 3rd, 2007,
Martial law. All Ordinances including the PEMRA (Third Amendment)
Ordinance, 2007 Dated: 3-11-2007, are allegedly protected by Article
270-AAA(3) which ensures that the Ordinances [like the PEMRA (Third
Amendment) Ordinance, 2007] will not expire after 4 months and these
Ordinances can only be revoked by parliament.

5. In view of the above, if a bill is moved in parliament seeking the
repeal of the November 3rd, 2007, amendments in the PEMRA Ordinance,
2002, then the Parliament WOULD BE ACCEPTING THAT ARTICLE 270-AAA IS A

6. This bill needs to be opposed as this might irreparably damage the
restoration of the judges movement.

7. As to the question of the legal status of the PEMRA (Third
Amendment) Ordinance, 2007, it is simple. These amendments (even if
valid) have expired/repealed. Mere Instructions have to be given to
the PEMRA Authorities not to enfore these amendments.

Best Wishes,
Faisal Siddiqi,

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