Thursday, April 10, 2008

People's Resistance statement on violence in Lahore and Karachi

People's Resistance (Karachi) has taken serious note of recent events of uncivilized and violent behaviour in the country's politics. All stakeholders must take concrete steps to identify and punish perpetrators of these crimes, regardless of their affiliation with a party or association. If this is not done, their own profiles will be tarnished and anti-democratic forces in the country will gain strength.

People's Resistance condemns the recent spate of violence in Karachi and Lahore at a critical time when new assemblies are being formed.
People's Resistance condemns the use of force against Arbab Ghulam Rahim in the Sindh Assembly, Karachi and against Sher Afgan Niazi in Lahore. Mr Afgan and Mr Rahim have consistently stood with a dictator and supported the suppression of rights of the citizens of Pakistan. They must be held accountable to the people politically and legally, and not through violent mobs.
People's Resistance condemns the uncivilized manner in which the PML House in Karachi
was taken over.
People's Resistance demands an independent inquiry through a parliamentary commission with representation from all parties and associations.
People's Resistance stands by the lawyers movement which has been a non-violent movement.
People's Resistance requests Aitzaz Ahsan to reconsider his decision to resign at this point in time.
In this emotionally charged atmosphere, People's Resistance reiterates its support for supremacy of Constitution and rule of Law, which is applicable to every citizen of the land without discrimination at all times.

People's Resistance also believes that in these critical times the office of the president has to play its constitutional as a symbol of the unity of the federation. People's Resistance believes that this may not possible until the representatives of people elected in the 18 February elections bring a legitimately elected president to the President House.

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