Saturday, April 5, 2008

Workers and SAC demo tomorrow at Data Darbar at 4 pm

The Student Action Committee in collaboration with trade unions, working women’s unions, political parties and various groups of society is holding a demonstration regarding the recent price hike.

An alliance forged after years of alienation, students and laborers will stand together for the same cause: the pressure on the average Pakistani to acquire and maintain basic necessities like food and energy.

Sunday 6th April at 4 pm outside the Data Sahib Mazaar, the SAC alongside workers and other concerned individuals will present their demands to the newly formed government to find a sustainable solution to persistent food inflation and energy shortages.

Recognizing that the interim government as well as the eight year regime contributed mostly to the rising costs of living, this alliance between students and workers aims to highlight the power that the new government possesses via the mandate of the people.

Representatives from various workers unions and such have been invited to come and give short talks on the present price hike in the country. An issue like inflation and energy crisis spans across the countries ethnic and socioeconomic boundaries and allows people to stand up for their rights from a grass roots level.

Those participating in this demonstration will aim to engage as many people from the surrounding areas as a part of the effort to work together to resolve national problems rather than outlining them in isolated meetings.

The Student Action Committee is planning to work towards expanding nationwide with chapters in all universities and eventually participate in upcoming union elections. Student unions world wide provide a platform for young leaders to explore their political identities without having to work under a mainstream political party or follow a party agenda: the SAC will work towards the purification of student politics in Pakistan and will follow a non partisan and non violent approach towards the newly re-established student unions.

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