Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bahria University administration clamps down

A piece of paper titled FLASH, literally threatening students involved in demonstrations and political activities was pasted to walls and passed through the corridors of Bahria University. It stated that those involved would be subject to strict disciplinary actions including but not limited to expulsion, cancellation of degrees as well as legal action. These ‘punishments’ would be for all those wearing black bands and protesting on as well as outside campus. The administration made an even more obvious show of their insecurity as they closed the university on Monday, the day on which a protest organized by Bahria and Air University students was scheduled. Perhaps one can not blame the administration of such universities, run by the Navy and the Airforce respectively, but their attempt to silence the opinions of their students is truly shameful.


Anonymous said...

I think the protest should not have been held inside the campus. I still hold reservation of "Educational Institutes" being involved in politics. An Institute is supposed to be totally impartial. Though what the students do is their pregrative. I think the protests should be labelled as "Student Protests" impartial of where a particular student studies. Another fear I gather is that the protest is very much secular in nature. We are Muslims and must uphold the Islamic values and base our protests on Islamic Values. Though I am not able to fathom it completely as of now but lets see how things evolve in the future...from where I see it we are headed for a disaster.

Anonymous said...

typical and disgraceful