Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LUMS Students hold Flash Protest in DHA

Around 20-25 students from LUMS had a flash demo in Defence Market, H Block on Monday. They assembled at the spot at around 4 PM, wearing black armbands and carrying pamphlets pertaining to the nature of their cause. They then undertook a round of the Market, raising slogans and distributing the pamphlets as they went along. A significant crowd gathered in the market to witness the procession, with many bystanders joining in the sloganeering. Around five minutes into the procession, the students dispersed, amid reports that the police were arriving. Overall, the protest was a huge success, with a heartening response from the bystanders witnessing it.
The movement continues..

In Complete Unity


Anonymous said...

Bravo students of Lums!
I would also dare suggest going to markets and places in the poor parts of Lahore, and not just Defence.
However, it is heart warming to see the spirit of defiance.You make us proud.

Anonymous said...

I applaud u! This fight has to gain momentum and grow out of campuses onto the streets.

Bilal Khalid said...

It is indeed an honour for me to have been associated with LUMS. Sitting here in the UK, it gives me great pleasure to show collegues at my workplace this website and the continued efforts of the students at LUMS in these difficult times.
Long live LUMS and may the struggle for democracy bear fruit. Good luck to you all.

Looking for Ritzy Red Ghararas said...

Thank you LUMS. You give all us hope. Keep up the brave work.

MJ said...


ambreen said...

please be careful guys!!dont push your luck!!!safety first!!!