Monday, November 5, 2007

The Beginning

This blog has been created by a group of students in response to the Martial Law that has been imposed in Pakistan. It is intended to provide an outlet for people to express their views, being one of their fundamental human rights (which no longer exist under Martial Law). If you are someone living abroad, we would like to implore you to understand that it is NOT a "state of emergency" as the foreign press has been portraying it, but real and actual martial law in the truest sense of the word. We are at the most crucial crossroads in the history of this country, with inaction and destruction on one side and a concerted struggle to rescue the country on the other. We have to realize that behind the multitude of crises that this country is beset with, is a General who will go to any lengths to maintain his stranglehold on power. Our Head of State has unconstitutionally, illegally deprived every Pakistani of every single one of his fundamental rights. We are witnessing the wanton, unashamed unleashing of security and armed forces on all conscious members of civil society. We are being denied access to information, media and are not allowed to criticize ANYTHING the government does. The situation has reached a state where we cannot remain quiet and docile any longer. The country stands at the brink of destruction and we must act. And we are and will.

This is not an ordinary blog or a personal rant of a frustrated inidividual. This is a small part of the resistance efforts that will herald the dawn of a new era, wherein the people of Pakistan will have awoken from their decades long slumber with a roar to challenge this martial law, until we see the end of this government and the holding of free and fair elections. We are now going to follow in the footsteps of our forefathers from Ayubs era, to fight the just fight, whether it be at the risk of personal injury, torture, unending oppression or anything else they can do to us under the Martial Law.

If you want to contribute, write, say ANYthing at all about the situation, send it to We will be working day and night to get your views across. We are circulating this blog in pamphlet form across Pakistani universities, schools and colleges. We will NOT be silenced.


Yawar said...

This is amazing, mA. Kudos to you. I'm writing from Washington, DC. And I love to hear what is going on.

Freedom of speech for all...

Madiha Shaukat said...

The efforts made by this blog are highly uniting, enlightening and progressive platform like this is one of the crucial needs of the hour...LONG LIVE A JUST AND FAIR PAKISTAN!!