Monday, November 5, 2007

Musharraf’s Address: A declaration by the weakest president in history

History bestowed Pakistan with some of the most inefficient and corrupt heads of state, but when it was not enough, we finally got the weakest president as well. During the eight years of power, Musharraf engulfed the state in great disasters of suicide bombings, Lal Masjids, missing people and literally converting Pakistan into nightmare even for Iraqis. But a disaster started for him too since the 9th March reaching its down climax yesterday.

After imposing the state of emergency in Pakistan, suspending the constitution, appointing a new Chief Justice and making all electronic media go off-air; Musharraf addressed the nation live from PTV. This address was nothing more than a shameless and desperate attempt to justify yet another coup on rights of us-the citizens of Pakistan.

In the very start of his address, he points out “Pakistan has to take some important but painful decision otherwise the solidarity of the country will be endangered. I have made the decisions under the principle of Pakistan First”, without realizing that it were his own decisions that created the circumstances. If Pakistan came first he should have left the power politics long ago.
According to him the reason behind lack of constructive efforts even after several decisions by Supreme Court was that the “senior office-bearers are going to the Supreme Court and they are being insulted; so, they are reluctant to take any action”. He should realize that they were usually the same office holders against whom the decisions were taken by the Supreme Court.

Yet another time, he took the opportunity to take the credit of empowering media by allowing loads of TV channels to operate and broadcast whatever they want. The President said “it was he and the present government that gave freedom to media as there was only PTV in 1999”. As for now, all the independence of the media has been curbed and only PTV again shall be standing and telecasting the State Sponsored Truth.

One of the saddest moment for citizens of any state is to see there president plead and request on State television. When the shames he already brought us were not enough, Musharraf addressed his friends in “the West, U.S. European Union and Commonwealth” and plainly begged them to “understand the situation”, asking for more time for his three-stage-move-to-democracy to work. Just a minute, who is this democracy for? What people are affected by the impacts of dictatorship more? The Congressmen in Washington or the millions in Pakistan! And shamefully our President and Chief of Army asks for “more time” from his true bosses.

Twice in 8 years has Musharraf held the nation in jeopardy (having done that several times in between as well) for securing power and control. It is not power that corrupts but fear- fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and power of scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. And we are subjects of Musharraf’s power this time. There are going to be actions of suppression of voice, action and behavior, but stopping because of them is just going to fulfill the purpose for Musharraf.


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did anyone else notice the way mushi's hands were shaking and he had to hide them? clearly he is panicking and soon it'll result in his downfall.