Saturday, November 24, 2007

Delegates throng candle light vigil at LUMS

As LUMS is hosting the model united nations moot, where atleast 1,200 delegates from different schools/colleges and universities are participating, a call by (non-LUMUN) LUMS students for a Vigil was responded overwhelmly from the delegates. Despite their busy schedules, and moot activities parallel to the protest, over 200 delegates showed up at the protest held in front of the PDC. A few faculty members, students and alumni spoke at the occasion. They remarked that at this point in time, the fundamental human rights of people of Pakistan were being suppressed by one-man-rule. The charter of humanity, the traditions of society and most important of all The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees them their rights, which were effectively violated on by proclamation of "Martial Law" on 3rd November. The basic human rights in UN Charter & Constitution were cited out and told that the 160 million Pakistanis do not have their rights at the moment. And it was not the first time in history this has been done so. Out of 60 years of independence, 31 have been spent under military rule & 4 under ad-hoc governments. Even though there were times when people enjoyed democracy, they were less than 4 years in succession at most. As usual it was appealed to students to keep their protests peaceful and apply a non-violent protesting methodology. Teachers of visiting delegates also graced the occassion. In the end as is routine in candle light vigils, a collective prayer was offerred, asking the divine entity for a better leadership of Pakistan in future, and for the integrity of Pakistan. The crowed then dispersed peacefully

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Anonymous said...

i had the privilege of attending the vigil, it was truly inspirational and over-whelming.hopefully we will all be able to keep appearances in these sort of protests in our respective institutions despite the govt.and i sincerely hope that these efforts would duly pay off.hope to be apart of this vigil in the days to come as well.