Saturday, November 24, 2007

Relevance of Iqbal in today's times

kitaab-e-millat-e-bezaa ki phir shiraazaH bandi hai

yeh shaakH-e-haashmi karney ko hai phir barg-o-bar paida

[kitaab-e-millat-bezaa=blank book of the community; shiraazaH bandi=binding or systematize

shaakH-e-haashmi=family of the Prophet Muhammad (saaw); barg-o-bar=leaves and fruits]

The above couplet by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, beautifully describes the past, present and future of Pakistan. It shows that whatever has happened till today is the result of the apathy of the nation in general and the lack of will to change the system. The reason that the book of the community is blank is the acceptance that the people of Pakistan have given to corruption. Since we, as a nation, never really fought against corruption by fighting the corrupt, we deserve to face such a situation. Everyone has developed the most self- destructive belief that he/she cannot change the system. And that is why the book is blank.

However, the ever increasing frequency of protests by every kind of group in the country including politicians, lawyers and now by the most effective group which is students, against the established norms by the undemocratically established government shows an extremely positive picture of the future of this country. As Iqbal said that, this community is now organizing, the consequence of which is much needed and the awaited act shall be witnessing new leaves and fruits in the form of a better future of Pakistan where people will have democracy and welfare instead of a being mislead about prosperity on the basis of an increasing GDP.

Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance that we take up every effort to unite ourselves and forget all the difference of personal, religious, professional, political differences that exist between us etc. There has to be a bigger goal but that should be achieved with small goals and the one of those small goals should be to first unite, no matter how big the differences may be. We must learn to accept each other with these differences if we wish to see new leaves and fruits.

Khuda tujhe kisi toofan sey aashna ker dey

Keh teray behar ki mojon mein iztiraab nahin

We, the people of Pakistan should be thankful to Allama Muhammad Iqbal that he admonished people like us


Anonymous said...

Very well said! Now is the time for change. We must stand as ONE and make t happen!

Anonymous said...

To the author,

Could you please tell us the names of the poems or ghazals from where you took these verses for the benefit of all. Would love to read them.

Thanks a lot in advance.