Friday, November 9, 2007

LUMS - Iqbal Day rally

The LUMS student body, in keeping with the spirit of Iqbal day, organized yet another protest rally, their 4th this week, to express their collective disapproval of Musharraf's declaration of emergency, and his outright subversion of the Judiciary. Even with the final exams beginning the next day, the student participation in the event was commendably substantial, around 300 people being present. The rally started with speeches by students, who all stressed the importance of continuing the dedicated protest, in whatever manner or form against the Executive's unjustified actions. Some students recited poetry written by the national poet – Allama Iqbal – to show how his poetry reflects youth awakening, and its crucial role in the country's future. It was also decided that a hunger strike would commence from Monday; students participating in the hunger strike will be on the LUMS campus, studying for their exams yet stressing their continued protest against the President's outrageous escapades.
Two LUMS Faculty members also spoke at the rally, once again stressing the need for continued action against the Executive, and giving the students a perspective on how to strategize for the future. Pamphlets were distributed and placards were raised against the state's actions. The rally then took to the streets of LUMS, with the students walking in a circle around the academic block. This was, once again, a silent protest – to signify the way in which the media is being treated, and
to signify the attempt to silence the entire society through the suspension of their fundamental right to peacefully assemble. At the end of the march, a student passionately recited original poetry about the Hobbesian state of affairs prevailing the country, to great applause..
The LUMS student body pledged to continue to express its vehement disapproval of the illegal and oppressive way in which the Executive has dismissed the judiciary, imposed martial law, and suppressed the fundamental rights of the citizens of Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. As a Pakistani and a LUMs alum I am proud of the awakening in the student body and LUMs student leading from the front. Stay safe and let your voices be heard - the world is watching is listening.

I will keep you posted... we are planning protests in the US and I will send pictures of ones I can get to let LUMs students know that they are not alone

Kruman said...

Us qaum ko shamsheer kee hajat nahi rehti
Ho khudi jis kay jawanon ki manand-e faulad
Allama Iqbal

That nation does NOT need weapons
The resolve of whose youth is strong as iron

You are the future of Pakistan!

Ahmed said...

It is time to change our destiny!

Adnan said...

LUMS leads in defiance.....something I never expected.

Its time to create a new destiny for Pakistan. Lead on .......and the rest will inevitably join you.

M Junaid Khan said...

I was wondering yesterday night how many people people use internet in Pakistan? I did quick research and found it around 15 million (10% penetration).
Though i doubt their numbers but lets assume they are correct and we have 10% of our population classified as internet users. Ok then i did another search to find the division of Pakistanis by age group and found that 52% of our total population is between 15-60 age group which comes out to be 80 million population.Out of this only 30 million exercised their voting power in Pakistan in 2002 as per the statistics. This includes all the invalid and bogus votes. Now just imagine what if we are able to tap 25% of the internet users which is 12.5% of our total voters. I am sure we will be able to give a significant boost to the person or party whom we consider as the possible savior of Pakistan. The purpose of this small analysis was to share with you the revolution we can bring in our society if we focus our energies in the right direction.
Lets get together and start the revolution!