Friday, November 9, 2007

Thoughts on the situation..


Lawyers being pushed, shoved, brutally beaten up; journalists being manhandled, dragged by their hair for doing the job they are meant to do; students protesting peacefully yet being threatened by police brigades via silent, deadly stares – what have we been reduced to? This is what the ‘Emergency’ was designed to do; under the veil of ‘fighting terrorism’ in the country, the President has managed to create a more unstable, violent situation – all so his access to self-created unlimited power remains untouched. A friend of mine very aptly described this situation – the Head of State is acting like a young child, throwing tantrums if someone comes anywhere near his precious toys.
It is marvelous how students of this nation have managed to unite and put across a brave front in this grave situation. Strangely enough, being a student, I always thought our generation lacked the initiative and drive to bring about any sort of change. Most of us have led sheltered existences and would find it impossible to imagine spending a night in a cell. Apart from that, the population largely seemed to be too involved in their own daily activities to worry about the big picture. But this event has changed my perspective; thankfully, for the better. Students of LUMS and other universities have done a tremendous job of, at the very least, creating a stir; making international news was just the cherry on the cake! We, as a nation, (or on a smaller scale) as LUMS family, strongly oppose the current state of affairs in Pakistan since it has been created for the benefit of one man, with the rights of millions of people as the opportunity cost. Unfortunately, it is too large a cost.
Having declared that students and lawyers are working towards a better future of the country, it is important to understand that more people need to join this movement. It is essential for us to realize that this is not one person’s agenda; it is the problem of every citizen of Pakistan. It is not only the students whose rights have been abrogated – it is each and every one of us. And that is what makes our current circumstances so distressing. Where are the other elements of society? Where are the opposition parties? Where are the professionals? Where are the masses? Is this too trivial a condition that we do not need to be bothered by it? This apathy is the direct consequence of our erratic political past. Whenever the army wants, it takes over, holds the constitution in abeyance and creates an environment of instability. And makes us mortals think, “Why should we bother? Not like it would make a difference.” It may even be true that whatever we do would not topple the present government over, or miraculously create a leader out of thin air who would be just, considerate and, for once, stick to the laws of the country. But it is definitely worth making the effort. It is definitely something to strive for, to hope for. What would be even worse is if we just sit like lame ducks, causing us to be a part of this entire fiasco. No problem has ever been solved without working towards a solution; and determining the failure or success before even trying is the worst mistake one can make. Agreed, it is difficult to raise your voice in a climate of such great insecurity; with people being arrested all over. But protesting against a tyrannical government does not only mean participating in rallies and shouting slogans. It may be a more active, effective way, but smaller steps are just as significant. With the international focus on us right now, it has become much easier to voice our opinions.
This is not what this country was meant to be like. There were bigger, better hopes attached to our generation and those before us. And great fervor is required of us as this moment. Needless to say, all of us feel sorrow as we look around. It may seem abysmal but a dictator can not bring this country down; or better yet, we will not let him bring the country down! We have so much more to offer and this is not how it is going to end. I hope it ends with people reaching their full potential, realizing what great things they are capable of achieving; I hope it ends with the destruction of this one-man show, a man who is a sad excuse of a leader, along with his troupe of blind-folded followers.


Haris said...

well masses don't know what has happened to them and without media there is no one educate them. masses will not come out as long as they are sleeping hungry. there is no leader like bhutto to motivate the masses. only intellectuals understand the seriousness of the situation and they are protesting.

Syed Ali said...

I think the time is now for people of Pakistan to make it clear to our so-called ruling elite which includes bureaucracy, military, and politicians that their oppressive actions will no longer be tolerated. I was seeing on GEO's website which shows some headline from 1999, it showed that our last so-called self-proclaimed 'hamdard' of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif also tried to curb freedom of press and attacked judiciary.

Problem is with the mindset of the rulers of this country, be it military of civilian. Every person that comes into power in Pakistan starts thinking of himself/herself as to being some monarch. Seeing history, we see that everyone who has been honoured with being SOMEBODY in corridors of power makes first move to consolidate his/her power.

The problem we have in Pakistan is not only of military claiming power after every 10-15 years, but also of feudalistic mentality that comes into power once military leaves.

We, as people of Pakistan, need to ensure that not only military is kept from usurping our rights, BUT also the corrupt so-called leaders that come only to loot n plunder national wealth in the name of democracy.

A view of intentions of politicians can be had from the fact that none of parties has any economic agenda or roadmap towards prosperous Pakistan, each party wants to have majority while none is willing to work FOR the people of Pakistan.

We need to get rid of this feudalistic, oppressive mindset of our power players - players that include everyone from 2% ruling elite inclusive of military, feudals, bureaucrats etc.

hermit said...

Rap 1: The ides of March- (written after march 9..actually after raza DMG's death)

After the ides of March: a beating summer should come

Thank you Mr. President
For saving ~ so many of our lives
From the runaway vulture -
Who - in a British exile

Could have really caused us
A Greater Demise -

You know I am proud to be a tax payer
To adorn you with the uniforms;
And to pay for your tea cups
While the fast bullets bellow

But you know it’s ironic
In case you are too busy –
To Raza - DMG

You know it was nice to read
Newspapers –
The other day
When you set 500-rupee
As the rally pay

Good! At least
Some poverty
Will be at bay

And you know
I am proud to see a man
Seeking power from the public;
Embellishing –
His political self;
Who paid for his guns, for his power?
And our defense

But you know it’s ironic
In case you are too busy –
Providing security to the
DMG’s missy

All the students and professionals
I call on to thee
Take up thy spirits
And come out on the streets

Because there is more to life -
Than food on the table and spreadsheet files

Or probably is it?
That you don’t give a damn
After all, the ‘Madarassas’ and ‘Harees’
(Forced or paid) -
Are enough to represent your clan?
At this sorrowful moment of time
I am reminded of great Neil Young lines
“Tin soldiers, Nixon coming
We are finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming
Four dead in Ohio”

And Mr. President
The bucket is upon you!

And had Marshall been here
He would have sung the same
Had he seen the president
Playing a blame game

“I don't rap for dead presidents
But I'd rather see the president dead
It's never been said
But I set precedents".

And Mr. President!
The bucket is upon you –
In case you don’t know

For I know you must be busy –
Shining up your sword
And your Western shoe

O ye!
Lawyers and media men
I salute to thee

But its time for
Us students and professionals
To march with thee

And remember what Marley said.

“Get up, stand up, stand up for your right
Get up, stand up, get up, stand up
Don't give up the fight - life is your right

Get up, stand up, so we can't give up the fight
Stand up for your right, Lord, Lord
Get up, stand up- keep on struggling on
Don't give up the fight, yeah”

~ The End ~


hermit said...

RAP 2- Ramzi shaheed

They talk about – press freedom
They talk about
Freedom of speech
They talk about
Most free everything
But they all
Lie and deceive

They never caged in ~ ‘Herald ‘
Never broke in – ‘Aaj TV’
Never rampaged in – ‘Geo’ (TV)
And they’d never kill – me

They talk about
Liberating women
Dancing ~
In the streets
They of talk of
Great -
Policies ~
Raising products
Like ‘Lal Masjid’

They talk about – referendum
People power –
And – the deal -
They play with your
And they’d also
With me

Blind men
Talk about Enlightenment
You know - It’s funny to see a
War pigs
Dine in for fine cuisines
When they talk about peace

Chants Chorus: but they all lie and deceive
One’s gotta get rid
Of these
General -
If one’s
Gotta be free

Yeah we can’t have no
Lest a revolution speaks
Chants Chorus: they all lie and deceive

Oh doctors – doctors - doctors – doctors
Take up thy stethoscope
And walk
On the streets
And subdue the ill ~
This society breathes

O ye! Accountants and ye audit men
Open thy books and ledgers and thy pen
For some

Oh ye! MBA’s – BA’s - and BSC’s
Lose thy slumber
And thy lust for ease
Before it eats
Your ideologies
(Background chants: if ye have one)

There aint no evolution
Lest a revolution speak
Chorus end

They talk about
Fancy numbers –
And rising
From Playing ~
‘Sir Je”
‘Sir ~ Je ~”

Guess I am a proud citizen ~
Of Pakistan

I know all ye rich men –
Feudal –
And industrialists
Zamzama feasts
Through aids
And big charities

And I know all of ye
Educated fox (fucks)
Who Love to talk
A sophisticated walk
To work in
“Nestle” Preaching -
“Don’t breast-feed”
Ye children
“Don’t breast-feed”







Guess I’d rather be
Yeah I’d rather be --
‘Ramzi’ ‘shaheed’
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
I’d rather be
‘Ramzi’ ‘shaheed’