Thursday, November 8, 2007

A solemn oath of solidarity

Theemergencytimes Eds-

We thoroughly condemn the government’s atrocious behaviour, especially after learning the dark details of the imprisonment of Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer A Malik, Tariq Mahmood and Ali Ahmed Kurd, lawyers who have become the icons of our struggle for justice. We take this opportunity to express solidarity with them all, including Asma Jehangir and her friends from the HRCP protest. We also thoroughly sympathize with the families of all the lawyers and activists who are bearing the brunt of the government’s criminal high handedness. We express our support and unity with their pain and their cause and urge them that they are not alone. Inshallah we will be trying our level best towards contacting them all soon and let it be known that we rally behind their cause with every ounce of our beings. Let us also not forget the valiant resistance of those judges who have refused to take oath under the insulting and shameful PCO. We would like to take this opportunity to urge all readers to reflect on the level of commitment and bravery shown by these inspiring individuals and to take something of their tireless commitment back with us. You urge us on. You keep the hope in us alive. You keep our spirits soaring and our hearts strong. God bless you. We are all with you. In complete Unity.

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Inam said...

I fully agree with what's said above. In solidarity with all of you anti-Musharraf regime. Soon, I hope, we will be rocking the streets accross the country. Let's prepare for that day, and never let this struggle down. The military junta and and its Big Boss, the United States, need to be told that once united, no one can break us apart. Never forget that this is our land, our people and they have occupied it for long. Let's not forget that unity among our ranks on a minimum agenda, as Justice Wajihuddin told me the other day, is the prime stone for victory.

In soldiarity, and ready for action...