Thursday, November 8, 2007


It has been said earlier, but needs to be said again! It becomes apparent from the current political scenario (read: MARTIAL LAW) that the real 'terrorists' that the (make-believe) state of Pakistan is cracking down upon is the political leaders, the legal community and civil society—in short any sort of opposition it is facing. Now, the crucial point to ponder upon here is that if the current 'emergency' is being justified on the grounds of curbing terrorism in the country, shouldn't there have been any immediate policy changes in that regard? Shouldn't the emergency have been 'used' to facilitate this objective? But it seems that the other 'evil' that the General (and deliberately choose not to say 'President' here) mentioned in his address is more of a concern for him than the justification offered to the world at large. In my view this is, simply put, a blatant mockery of the ideas and rights of freedom and liberty, and are desperate measures to cling to power. If this doesn't convince you, consider how well-planned the Government's strategy was to curb any sort of resistance to this brutal measure; they knew the lawyers had taken charge previously, and they would again, and to emasculate this resistance by cracking down hard upon them was their first and foremost objective.
And we, the youth, the students of this country, are as culpable as the regime. For we gave them so much room to carry on their atrocities that it got so worse as this brutal oppression. Had we taken to the streets and provided effective resistance to mete a final blow when the opportunity was there, especially during the previous protests to restore the CJ, the situation might not have gotten to where it is. Had we risen up, the way we should have, when the carnage was committed in Karachi on May 12, this country wouldn't be where it stands right now. Had we stood up for what's right, we would not be as desperate and frustrated as we are getting with this country with every passing day.
WE NEED TO FIX THIS. If the principle of freedom does not convince you or the brutalities don't anger you enough, look around you and see how your lives are being affected. Business? Pakistan's international credit-ratings, according to the international agency, Moody's, have run into negative, implying a dry-out in foreign investments in the country. Education? I don't see that time very far away when you would be TOLD by the state what to study and what not to. We see darkness ahead of us, feel hopelessness and despair, but all has not ended. Now is the time to stand up for your rights; now is the time to think of your responsibility to those being crushed, and to this nation. For once, we need to fight for what's right. For once, we need to end the oppression that has marred the history, development and social fabric of this country. For once, we need to think beyond the surface of material luxuries and opportunities for a brighter, sustainable, stable future.

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Kamran said...

you are absolutely right but many of us are "busy in important things" as people put it....we are studying for exams...enjoying life...not knowing if things go as they are going now our country may break up....we need to realize our responsibility to our nation,our people and to ourselves....we need to act...we need to stop this madness