Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Demo outside Karachi Press Club

Around 60 people gathered outside the Karachi Press Club at 03:00 p.m. today to register their protests against the treatment meted out to the Students Action Committee (SAC) rally in Islamabad. The demonstration was jointly organised by the CMKP and the Labour Party of Pakistan (LPP). The call was endorsed by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), International Socialists Pakistan (ISPak), and Peoples Resistance (PR).

Policemen and Rangers personnel had brutally baton-charged and tear-gassed an SAC rally in Islamabad on December 17. Scores were injured, and 40 were arrested. Sixteen of them are yet to be released, and FIRs have been lodged against all of them under Section 144 of the PPC. Tuesday's demonstration in Karachi condemned the State's unprovoked (yes, unprovoked) brutality in Islamabad.

The police mysteriously stayed away from us today, though, even though the demo would count as "agitation." In any case, the best part of the entire demo was that it was a total surkha scene, full of slogans in favour of a Socialist inquilaab! A lot of anti-Musharraf slogans were shouted, including the usual "lathi goli ki sarkar" and "mukk gya tera show Musharraf."

A number of Sindhi naaras also came up. There was one that sounded like: "Musharraf-e-khosa -- Jehova!" (Forgive me for mistakes here please!) We are extremely grateful to everyone who responded to the call at such a short notice, and we apologise for the timings ka confusion. *embarrassed cough*

All in all, it was a VERY successful demonstration. The message that was sent across was clear: We will NOT tolerate the State's bullshit anymore. Wanton brutality is NOT going to stop us. The struggle is going to continue until the judiciary is restored to the pre-November 3 status, and True Democracy is implemented in the country. The State cannot hide behind lies anymore. We know that the lifting of the Martial Law and the upcoming elections are all a farce. We refuse to be fooled anymore. Above all, today's demonstration was another response to The Turd (aka General Musharraf) ka statement about how "agitation would not be tolerated." As always, here's a message to The Turd: "No agitation? UP YOURS, General!!!" :-P The battle has just begun, comrades, and we have to prepare ourselves for a long war. Let's SOCK it to the oppressors!!!

Kiunkey ZINDA hai yeh qaum -- Zinda hai!!! Power to the People!!!

In Complete Solidarity

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Anonymous said...

it is great to see the solidarity that some people in Karachi showed with the SAC's protest in Islamabad. That said, this statement: "the best part of the entire demo was that it was a total surkha scene" may create some confusion. While the right of 'surkhas' to peacefully protest must be defended, it must be remembered that the SAC is not, essentially, a 'surkha' organization. It is a loose coalition of different students around a particular agenda at the top of which is demand for the restoration and independance of the judiciary. In so far as they agree with SAC's agenda, 'Surkhas' may be a part of it and are a welcome addition, like various other groups. However socialism does not define the SAC in any way.