Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Real Chief Justice condemns police action in Islamabad

Deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on Monday strongly condemned the brutal torture of Media, Students and Civil Society by the police outside the Judges Enclave. Atharminallah, eminent lawyer an e-mail of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who vowed to continue his struggle for the supremacy of law and the Constitution. In the email, the deposed Chief Justice, expressing his solidarity with all the segments of the society, promised, " We will fight till last breath for the supremacy of 'un-tampered' Constitution of 1973 and rule of law". In his message to the Lawyers community, civil society, media and 160 million people in every corner of the country said that these atrocities by police agencies and Govt can never demoralize the judges who refused to take oath under provisional constitutional order on November 3.Terming the Monday's police brutality "Barbaric act" on innocent people outside the Judges Enclave the deposed Chief Justice in his mail said that it was a vicious act committed by the police and other agencies by torturing peaceful demonstrators. "Peaceful protest is right of every citizen of Pakistan as freedom of expression is enshrined under 1973 constitution" the deposed Chief Justice wrote in his mail."Look at the state of condition within a week, blasts in Quetta, Nowshera and Kohat, but the police and agencies are deputed to arrest women, torture students, lawyers and media men protesting for the rule of law," he wrote. Strongly condemning act of torture on civil society, the deposed Chief Justice wrote that the Police and other Agencies are only focussing on arresting Chief Justice of Pakistan, judges and lawyers, where as wanted men can escape from their custody as only two or three policemen are there to guard them."It is highly deplorable and barbaric act of Government, which exposes its weakness and nervousness" he maintained, adding "Is Martial law or so called emergency lifted or it appears mere rhetoric"

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