Monday, December 31, 2007

The Flag's Complaint

Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
In this poem, the flag of pakistan summons the common pakistani citizen and expresses its grief on the countrywide mourning of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed, moreover it levels some complaints and reminiscises old times!
17 crore people asleep and someone cried
wake up from apathy, Bhutto died!
Sea of tears, a nation mourns
drenched in grief, the flag adjourns!
' Thee cried with me, Thee felt my bliss
Thee shed thy blood, So that I exist!
From the chains of slavery, rose the man
the grace, the karma and the movement began!
with wisdom, faith and passion, beside my pole
with love so pure, the consummated goal!
The moment to thou, I was handed
My colors faded, My fate stranded;
between the people and the mighty tyrannts
but thee my beloved, remained silent!
My memory, though vague, still retains
the cries of those bloody stains!
and again, my heart is vexed with woe
burnt down streets, that gloomy show!
Now I am torn, My pole has rusted
But dont let me down, faith entrusted!
far from this dark, the fountains ply
fountains of hope, that never die!
brook of thy tears, go to the fountain
thy fears how foolish, thy lament vain!
What is this hope? wouldst thou rightly know?
Be aware, wake up and it will never cease to flow!
'In the best interest of nation' or personal lust of power
Rains of patriotism, or alcoholic showers ?
My countrymem, My sisters, My elderly peers
this is the time, to shatter all fears!
He calls it right, and right you deem?
what about Quaids vision, my Iqbal's dream!
for this is the moment, the time is high
stand up for the right, or i will die!
No man with stick , or khaki hide
Is above my land or its pride! '

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