Monday, December 31, 2007

Video of Benazir's last few seconds

Video clearly showing Benazir getting shot by assassin before the bomb. Lays waste to government claims that she did not die of bullet wounds.

Channel 4 also has exclusive footage showing the point at which the shots were fired at the former premier. It can be seen here:


Anonymous said...

If she was hit by a bullet then what benefit can govt. get by hiding this fact? Can anyone explain?

jazoo scenario said...

I think the govt had a thinking that it would go against it as there was less security for her if they say ke she was shot dead.

But I think, it is quite clear that BB died due to her own mistake and coming out of bomb-proof car. Rehman Malik in an interview said almost the same that he rejected Babar Awan request to open car window as it wasnt a secure place to do something like that.

Anonymous said...

She would've died even if she hadn't been out of the sun roof. The suicide bomb burst the tyres and she had to be transferred to another car.

In case she wasn't outside, and the bomb blasted first, she would've had to get out to go in another car and she could've been shot in the process!

It's not BB's fault but the government's for failing to provide proper security to a former Primer Minister.

Anonymous said...

She would've been shot even if she wasn't out of the sun roof. The blast caused the tyres to burst and she had to be transferred to another car. So if the suicide bomber blew himself first she would've had to be transferred to another car and she could've been shot in the process.

It is the government's fault that she wasn't provided proper security. I'm not a fan but a former prime minister who's life is under threat and has been attacked before deserves proper security!

Anonymous said...

Protection starts by placing the mob at a distance.During Islamic Summit in Lahore a whole division dressed as 'namazis' was made to sit behind the 40 heads of state. The mosque ( Badshahi) was dug up to put strong railings after the division. Denying such protection made a killer's job easy. In fact the Punjab govt. had started " Assassins waiting BB' much ahead of her arrival.
That prepared the nation to hear bad news which was planned by those who benefitted from BB's murder. Nobody had damned business to kill a woman, Pakistani leader.