Monday, December 10, 2007

Lawyers in Distress

Dear Friends,

Lawyers have been in the centre of the present constitutional and judicial crisis. For standing up for the rule of law and for raising their voice many lawyers were detained and hundreds imprisoned. Lawyers as a community have also boycotted the PCO judges, this being their most commendable sacrifice as it directly affects their livelihood.

Lawyers' movement rests on the fight for the rule of the law and restoration of judges. This entails imprisonment, detention and non- appearance before the PCO judges which has a sizable economic cost.

Keeping this urgent need in view, CITIZENS FUND FOR LAWYERS IN DISTRESS (FUND) has been formed with the objective to help and provide a sustenance fund for the need based lawyers and their families. This support also ensures that the Movement continues through thick and thin.

The Fund is supervised by three most credible names in the legal profession namely: Mr. ABID H MINTO, DR. PARVEZ HASSAN AND Mr. ANWAR KAMAL. The Disbursement Committee is headed by MR. ANWAR KAMAL and to date Rs 1.2 million has been disbursed to the deserving lawyers and their families.

We need more funds to keep the movement alive and in this movement lies the future of Pakistan and the future of our children.

Please come forward and donate generously !!!!

Kindly contact SAIMA KHAWAJA, Advocate High Court - cell 0300-8414843 off: 5870300-3 or the undersigned for your donations.

With personal warm regards,

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Off: 5870300-3


Anonymous said...

The lawyer community (along with students)is carrying the massive weight of this struggle for freedom of people of this country. Please come out and help them, this being the least bit which v, the 'ordinary citizens' of this poor country can do and should do.

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