Monday, December 10, 2007

Tighe Barry writes

( This is Tighe Barry's response to a mail from a student, Umer Gilani from Lahore, in which Barry's efforts were appreciated and dismay conveyed regarding his maltreatment and arrest in Pakistan and the US. The following are his words of encouragement)

Thank You for your kind words and support. I was moved by the
sacrafice of the great people of Pakistan in thier brave stance
against the Dictator, and felt that it requires a lot from me and my
friends to support you.I hope that we can stay in touch. We have a
protest on monday the 10th at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington D.C.
at 5p, please tell everyone.


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This is one extraordinary response from a concern citizen. If we people seek for what is right, we can find justice and ignore those people who can't let others but watch and let themselves suffer.