Wednesday, December 12, 2007


President of the supreme court bar association and chief counsel for the Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has been served another month of judicial remand.
We condemned this act by the government authoroties and demand an immediate release of Mr. Ahsan, Mr. Ali ahmed Kurd, Munir A Malik and Justice ® Tariq Mehmood.
We also want to see free and independent press and media. How can we forget the role of the brave lawyers who struggled for months to get the chief justice restored and upheld the law. Now its time for us to act; lawyers, students, doctors, bankers, civil society, pensioners, human rights activists, media, business community, law abiding citizens.
We will be gathering outside house no. 10 , street no 16, f-6/3 islamabad on 13 th december at 1530 hrs to show solidarity with the honourable judges, lawyers and the media.
Please bring your family, friends, children and neighbours. It is time to act. We need to tell them that the nation is with them. Let us all be united towards one common goal " free judiciary".
The participants will walk to the judges enclave to salute them on their stance. Please do not forget to bring candles and flowers.
Please be counted and make a difference

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